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Looks like one costume just isn't enough for Bella Thorne!

The gorgeous actress pulled out all the stops for a zombie cheerleader look on the second night of Halloween weekend. (She was previously a racy cowgirl.) In typical Thorne style, she kept things spooky but provocative in a skin-baring black and red cheer outfit complete with pigtails, black ribbons, knee high socks, and zombie makeup. The redhead was not a solo act however, as she twinned with her 23-year-old sister Dani. The twosome matched in uniforms for the "Devils" with skirts embellished with pentagram patches and "666" stitching on the bodice. Creepy! The girls kept it hardcore by including heavy metals, as zombies do, and wore spike-y leather dog collars and silver septum rings.

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Credit: bellathorne / snapchat
Bella Thorne
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The Thorne sisters went all out on their Halloween makeup as well, sporting fake blood and hollowed out eyes. Bella opted for dark lips and winged liner while sister Dani accented her fair features with bold brows. The complete zombie transformation was documented on Snapchat from Bella's account, just in case you want to recreate this look at home for your own Halloween fun.

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Credit: bellathorne / snapchat

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