By Laura Rose
Updated Oct 29, 2016 @ 1:30 pm
Bella Thorne LEAD
Credit: Noel Vasquez/Getty

Bella Thorne isn't one to shy away from showing a little (or even a lot) of skin. Thorne's abs are legendary in her Instagrams and Snapstories. Her Halloween look this year is proving to be no different. Forget spooky: Thorne went straight for something quite a bit more revealing.

The gorgeous redhead rocked a cowgirl costume that probably wouldn't get too much use at the ranch. The pink and black look included a Barbie-pink hat, vest, and belt, as well as a black bandana, racy black lace fringed Gooseberry intimates bodysuit ($139;, and towering thigh-high black boots.

Bella Thorne 1
Credit: bellathorne / snapchat
Bella Thorne 2
Credit: bellathorne / snapchat
Bella Thorne 3
Credit: bellathorne / snapchat

Thorne kept her makeup look in the same color family with black and pink shades. With her glowing highlighter, pink lips and two-tone brows, she managed to look both pretty and playful—especially with her tiny touch of classic Halloween makeup. Thorne rocked a hand drawn scar on one cheek.