Go Green—Literally—With These 7 Recipes in Honor of Earth Day

Kale Salad
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Every year on April 22, we celebrate one of the most important women in all of our lives—Mother Earth. What better way to honor this planet and its bounty than by whipping up a festive green dish? Whether you're in the mood for matcha or craving a kale salad, we have a recipe for you. Scroll down!

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Roasted Chicory with Lemon-Anchovy Dressing

Roasted Chicory with Lemon-Anchovy Dressing
Gentyl & Hyers

For the unaquainted, chicory is a plant species that includes greens like radicchio, endive, and escarole, which have "incredible depth of flavor when handled correctly," says chef Travis Lett of L.A. hotspot Gjelina. "People tend to avoid them because of the bitterness and firm textures, but we love them. Substitute in young, crispy romaine or kale if chicory is hard to find." Get the recipe for his tasty chicory side dish here.

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Cool Greens Smoothie

Green Smoothie LEAD
Lindsey Johnson

Start your day on the right foot with a nutrient rich breakfast, like this easy green smoothie made with kale, celery, and sweet pears—perfect for sipping slowly or enjoying on the go. Get the recipe here.

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Spinach and Fennel Salad

Spinach and Fennel Salad
Gentl and Hyers

Preparing for bikini season doesn't have to be terrible—try whipping up this flavorful salad from Justin Smillie, the inventive chef behind N.Y.C.'s refined-rustic eatery Upland. Serve it alongside a slow-cooked chicken, or top it with a fresh salmon fillet for a satisfying meal. Get the recipe here.

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Green Juice Margarita

Green Juice Margarita

Check out this healthified version of a traditional margarita, courtesy of N.Y.C. upscale Mexican restaurant chain Dos Caminos. "I wanted to create a guilt-free cocktail that people can enjoy," says executive chef Ivy Stark of the kale juice infused beverage. "What better way to drink your veggies than with a little bit of tequila?" Get the recipe here.

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Spinach Soup

Spinach Soup
Johnny Miller

A hint of velvety coconut milk lends this vibrant spinach soup the perfect amount of richness. "Our Filipina mother raised us on traditional Asian ingredients like lime, ginger, and coconut," says Melissa, one half of the popular food blogging duo Hemsley + Hemsley, who created the dish. "This vitamin-filled recipe has a touch of those elements too." Get the recipe here.

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Matcha Latte

Hannah Bronfman Matcha Tea

Besides being an excellent source of energy, matcha tea is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins, boosts metabolism, and burns calories. It's no wonder DJ and HBFit.com founder Hannah Bronfman is a fan—get her tried and true recipe here.

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Kale with Caramelized Shallots

Kale Salad

In need of a simple, tasty side dish? Try making the kale and caramelized shallots from Brooklyn-based Vietnamese gastropub Bricolage. Chef Lien Lin includes fish sauce and oyster sauce for an unexpected umami flavor. Get the recipe here.

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