By Lauren Saxe
Updated Dec 20, 2017 @ 1:15 pm
Brittany Fuson
Credit: Brittany Fuson

Each December, shoppers are frantic to find the perfect, heart-warming gift for their loved ones. After years of gift giving, it can be tough to come up with something completely unique every year. These six illustrators, however, are here to make your winter shopping season a whole lot easier.

Rather than buy a gift from the department store, cater your gifts to each person in your life specifically. These artists do custom pieces, allowing you to have family portraits recreated or personal stationary and mugs made to look just like your bestie. Choose your favorite designer (or a few) and get shopping!


Name: Jamel Saliba

Location: New York, N.Y.

Price range: $10-$95

Print sizes available: 4x6, 5x7, 8x10, 11x14, 16x20, 20x24

What is your design aesthetic?

“My signature style is never showing the face. I focus primary on the hair and clothes. I do this to make my artwork relatable to my customers. They can be anyone! You’re friend, sister, mother, etc.”

Do you do commissioned pieces?

“I don’t, but I can change hair colors (not the length or texture) and skin tones. Upon purchase, leave a not in the “Note to Seller” section with your special request.”

Best-selling items?

“My 8x10 prints, coasters, planners and cell phone cases.”

Any special holiday deals going on?

“I’m running a 12 Days of Christmas giveaway and a merry melsys/ #showusyourmelsys. Post a photo on Instagram and tag #showusyourmelsys. We want to see how you have styled your favorite items and in return, we will choose one fabulous follower EACH WEEK to receive their choice of either two 5x7 prints or one 8x10 print.” Official submissions must:

1) Follow @melsysillustrations on Instagram

2) Tag @melsysillustrations in the photo

3) Include #merrymelsys and #showusyourmelsys


Name: Caroline Steien

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Instagram: @csteien

Price range: $59-$99, custom prints start at $199

Sizes available: 9.5x12.5 , 11x14, 12x12, 18x12, any size upon request

What is your design aesthetic?

“People tell me my style is rather enchanting. It features strong, glamorous women who definitely know what they want. The focus is on the eyes with fabulous lashes and, most of the time, red luscious lips.”

Do you do commissioned pieces?

“Yes, I do. Contact me and I give a quote depending on the request and I always do a sketch for approval before moving on to the final version.”

Best-selling items?

“My edgy, colorful beauty pieces.”

Any special holiday deals going on?

“Starting December 20, I will start running a little Christmas giveaway of one of my best-selling, limited-edition prints. The winner will be announced on December 24. Instructions on how to enter will be posted on Instagram.”


Name: Jackie Diedam

Location: Cologne, Germany

Price range: $12-$350, custom prints start at $140 and all other products range between $12-$100

Print sizes available: Between 8.5x11 and 16x23

What is your design aesthetic?

“My aesthetic is colorful, fun and quirky. I'm very inspired by flowers and travels to France and Italy. This is seen across my whole illustration portfolio.”

Do you do commissioned pieces?

“I do commissioned pieces, mostly portraits of clients’ loved ones and what I call 'travel custom portraits'. The travel custom portrait is one of the most popular commission types. I let the client put together a memory of a place and people and I translate it into an original piece. “

Best-selling items?

“My best-selling items at the moment are the ‘Limoncello Girl,’ the 2018 ‘Flora’ calendar and the ‘French Garden’ poster.”

Any special holiday deals going on?

“All orders over $25 until the end of 2017 are receiving one exclusive gold foiled greeting card.”


Name: Brittany Fuson

Location: Nashville, Tenn.

Instagram: @brittanyfuson

Price range: $5-28+

Sizes available: ranging from 5x7 - 8x10, custom sizes available upon request

What is your design aesthetic?

“A modern take on fashion illustration designed with the every girl in mind and aspirational fashion pieces included in each illustration. There's something for everyone, from the girl next door to the high-end fashionista that always has the latest handbag or trendy shoe.”

Do you do commissioned pieces?

“Yes! Please email for pricing and details.”

Best-selling items?

“Luggage tags (they make the perfect add-on to any gift this time of year), greeting cards (to send a special holiday greeting), and notepads (they're always an easy gift for a bestie, co-worker, stocking stuffer, etc).”

Any special holiday deals going on?

“See our sale page for a whole roundup of sale items!”


Name: Alex Kim

Location: Indianapolis, Ind.

Instagram: @akimdesigns

Price range: $100+

Sizes available: 5x7 is most popular, but custom sizing is also available

What is your design aesthetic?

“The distinct, recognizable aesthetic in my illustrations is obviously the ‘faceless’ characteristic. I would describe my design aesthetic as being: simplistic yet realistic and faceless yet full of personality and character. I love when people say they scroll through my feed and without looking at the caption or tags they know exactly who it is! Mission accomplished.”

Do you do commissioned pieces?

“Yes, absolutely! Email me at for any and all inquiries! Would love to work with you!”

Best-selling items?

“I only do custom/freelance work. I get a lot of feedback about including an online shop, but I find myself drawn to creating unique, special pieces instead. I am, however, in the midst of wanting to try something ‘bigger’ in the very near future (hint, hint), so I hope everyone will stay tuned for that! Same material, just bigger (and hopefully better). Super excited to share with everyone soon!”

Any special holiday deals going on?

“Not at the moment. But perhaps a New Years deal…? Stay tuned!”


Name: Brooke Costello

Location: Davie, Fla.

Price range: $50-$85

Sizes available: 5x7, 8x11

What is your design aesthetic?


Do you do commissioned pieces?

“I do!”

Best-selling items?

“Portraits of families.”


Names: Brooke Costello (illustrator), Romina Goldstein (writer), and Mariela Goldstein (publicist and creative)

Location: Davie, Fla./Buenos Aires, Argentina

Instagram: @fashcomofficial

Price range: $15 per comic

Sizes available: Can create any size

What is your design aesthetic?

“Twee. Here and now.”

Do you do commissioned pieces?

“We do! We’ve done work for CoverGirl USA, Seventeen, and Latin America and South African magazines, to name a few.”

Best-selling items?

“Our comics ... they rock!”