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Virgo Gift Guide
Credit: Paulina Paige

Eagle-eyed minimalists, Virgos are methodical, practical, and detail-oriented. They live for list-making — you know the kind — and tend to keep their homes pristinely neat. Hire a Virgo; they’ll do right by you. This highly analytical sign is service-oriented and has an all-work-no-play reputation. You know that part in a job interview when you humblebrag that you’re meticulous? Virgos very much are — they like order and feel out of sorts in chaos. “They prefer a few carefully chosen objects rather than excess,” says astrologer and host of the podcast Astro-Insight Kathy Biehl. “They have a clean aesthetic and curated wardrobes. They’re orderly in habits, thought, and dress.” When shopping for a Virgo, go for compact items they’ll use over and over again in neutral colors like beige or white. A beautiful cashmere sweater or a desk organizer would be well received by a Virgo friend.

But while Virgos are sometimes viewed as cold, they’re anything but. These worker bees are extremely loyal, kind, and in love with nature and animals. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, Virgos are also verbally adept, though often shy. A Virgo, says Biehl, tends to look inward “and works hard on self-improvement.” Your Virgo lover or friend likely loves working their way through problems and figuring out the best ways to work, love, and be. But they often forget that good living means taking a break every now and then, so spoil them with self-care gifts like bubble bath, a massage, or scented candles.

Essential Oils

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Natural botanists, Virgos “understand herbs, essential oils, and healing and want to do things in a better way,” says Biehl. Add this soothing face oil from Goop to their apothecary.
Goop Enriching Face Oil, $110;

Basics Kit

Universal Standard
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Biehl jokes that a Virgo’s closet tends to look a lot like Doug Funny’s — repetitive. They know what they like and won’t stray from a formula that works, so Virgos often have minimalist uniforms. Universal Standard’s four- and seven-piece kits of soft cotton basics in gray or white were basically made for Virgos.
Universal Standard 7 Piece Kit, $180;

Desk Accessories

Desk Accessories
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For a Virgo, organization is soothing and clears a path for creative and productive thinking. Declutter your Virgo's desk and mind with these concrete slab desk organizers from West Elm.
ILOVEHANDLES Concrete Slab Desk Accessories - Set Of 4, $50;

White, Cozy Sweater

Cozy Sweater
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“Virgos thrive on white,” says Biehl. “They can actually wear it and not spill food on it.” Light, neutral colors jive with their love of order and cleanliness. Gift your Virgo a white, cozy sweater, and they’ll live in it all winter long.
3.1 Phillip Lim Oversized White Mohair Turtleneck, $550;

Contouring Kit

BENEFIT COSMETICS Complexionista Mini Contour Palette
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Your Virgo may not be into loud, colorful makeup, but her beauty routine is important to her nonetheless. Opt for a simple contouring kit that sets her up with the essentials. (Plus, she’s a great learner — so those complex Youtube contouring tutorials just may be within her grasp.)
Benefit Cosmetics Complexionista Mini Contour Palette, $32;

Pretty To-Do List Notes

Sticky Notes
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“List-making as lifestyle” is how Biehl describes a Virgo’s philosophy. Beautify the activity with these watercolor memos.
Watercolor To Do List Notepad, $6;

White Handbag

Bracelet Bag
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“Giving them something they can actually use that won’t take up space, like a purse in her shade,” would make a Virgo very happy, says Biehl. Our choice? This white mini-bag by Parisa Wang.
Reformation Parisa Wang Bracelet Bag, $225;