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By Romy Oltuski
Updated Nov 08, 2018 @ 1:00 pm
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Sagittarians are the Zodiac’s biggest adventurers. They love to travel, thrive outdoors, and are on a constant quest for meaning. You can generally rely on the exuberant Sag in your life to be a “one-person party,” says New Jersey-based astrologer and host of the podcast Astro-Insight Kathy Biehl, of their gregarious nature. And since their birthdays fall in that party-all-the-time phase between November 22 to December 21, this makes a lot of sense.

People with this fire sign are often optimists who appreciate whimsy and love animals, says Biehl, calling them “monkeys,” driven by curiosity. They love to monkey around, too; the cool Sag in your life probably laughs a lot — including at themselves. The Sagittarian backpacker you run into on the hiking trail or the chatty Sag you easily befriend at a party will be the first to tell you about that obscure new earworm on the radio, their favorite craft cocktail, and the time they zip-lined in Peru — and they’ll be just as interested in learning about your experiences.

Hitting the open road is a Sag’s dream come true, but a Sagittarian boss or hairstylist you won’t be globe-trotting with anytime soon will delight at a gag gift that travels well.

As fun-loving as they are, Sagittarians crave intellectual stimulation, too. “Beneath that great laugh lurks a well-read, philosophical streak,” says Biehl. Tickets to a festival, or an anthology “that fuels an intellectual passion of theirs” shows you know them well. “They like to have their minds wander, and frequently they love reading and learning.” That lust for life is thrilling but can be hard to keep up with. A Sag bores easily, so embrace variety — style-wise, they tend to have eclectic taste and gravitate toward down-home, comfortable pieces, like jeans, boots, and plenty of flannel. Whether your Sag is a boots-wearing outdoorswoman or roaming through the library stacks, they have an intense spirit of discovery. They’ll appreciate something that accompanies them on their journey.

Carry-On Luggage

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Make sure your wandering friend is always ready for her next adventure with a piece of high-tech, high-style luggage.
Away luggage, $225;

Funky Glassware

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Always up for a party, Sagittarians “are real people people,” says Biehl. Natural extroverts, they can generally talk for hours with close friends and strangers alike, making them charismatic hostesses. Get them the glassware to match.
Celine DOF Glasses, $56;

Comfy Jeans

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Sagittarians have a “jeans-and-boots mentality,” says Biehl, and often a wardrobe to match. “Get them something that’s casual and outdoorsy, maybe even Western.”
High-Rise Skinny Jean, $68;


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Sagittarians feel freest in nature. Give your Sag a natural, woody scent that brings the outdoors in.
Diptyque Philosykos Eau De Parfum, $165;

An Outdoor Adventure

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Or take your Sagittarian into the wild. There’s nothing she’ll appreciate more than an outdoor adventure that lets her wandering spirit roam. Take her on an African safari, send her zip-lining over the Costa Rican rainforest, or get her surf lessons — the more remote the adventure, the better.
The Royal Portfolio;

Whimsical Phone Charger

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Make sure your social butterfly is always connected on the go with an animal-themed phone charger — extra points if it makes her laugh. When shopping for a Sag, Biehl always opts for “something funny, lighthearted, and obscure that’ll make them laugh like crazy,” she says.
MojiPower Sloth Portable Power Bank, $28;

Travel-Themed Trinket

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A Sagittarius's home will often exhibit an eclectic blending of styles, celebrating the places she’s been and still wants to go. Gift her something useful that taps into her wanderlust, like a classic adventure novel or this cactus ring dish.
Cactus Marble Ring Dish, $19;