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The 50 Best Nordstrom Gifts Under $50 to Buy Now and Beat the Rush

Experts are predicting long shipping delays and widespread product sellouts this year.
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The Oxford English Dictionary has yet to announce its Word of the Year, but if the organization needs some inspiration, let us suggest "unprecedented." As with everything that's happened in 2020, the year's holiday season is all but guaranteed to follow suit, with experts predicting an unprecedented (there it is again) number of people shopping online to meet their gifting needs, not to mention longer-than-usual shipping times and product sellouts like we've never seen before.

It's no surprise, then, that so many people are starting their gift shopping as early as right now. Rather than risk the December rush, or even hold out until Black Friday, the savviest shoppers are working down their lists early and still getting great deals thanks to Nordstrom's massive selection of affordable goods.

The department store's customer- and celebrity-loved fashion, beauty, and home offerings are numerous, but we've whittled the massive list down to a tight and mighty curation of the 50 absolute best gifts under $50 that any recipient is sure to love. They include picks from supermodel-loved Ugg and celeb-favorite The North Face, stylish face masks, thongs even thong-haters will adore, and shelfie-worthy anti-aging products.

Below, shop the top beauty, clothing, shoe, bag and accessory, and home gifts to buy now and be sure they arrive on time.

Best Beauty Gifts

Best Clothing Gifts

Best Shoe Gifts

Best Handbag + Accessory Gifts

Best Home Gifts

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