What to Get for Your Guy Friend That Hates Showering

No Shower Tee - LEAD
Photo: Courtesy of Hiro Clark

Yes. This is "a thing." We know it's "a thing." That friend (or brother) who thinks that looking greasy and not showering is kind of cool? He's the guy that prides himself on not bathing for a week, and instead of wearing an Ugly Sweater to the Christmas Party, wears one hasn't been washed since the early 2000s.

Rest assured, we have a gift idea for you. And to be honest, it's a good one for those who enjoy cleanliness, too.

The No Shower Tee, a collaboration between perfumer Le Labo and designer Hiro Clark, has been scented by Le Labo's iconic Santal 33. And by the way, if you haven't smelled Santal 33, you haven't lived. It's the perfect mix of leather and spice.

"I like to think we're pretty chill out here in the West Cost," Andy Salzer, founder of Hiro Clark says. "No shower, no worries. You are always down for whatever with our Le Labo scented tees. After a long night out, grab and go. No Shower required."

The three graphic tees, $128 each, are available in a limited edition on hiroclark.com and at select Le Labo locations.

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