Actress Hayley Law Shares 12 Unique Gift Picks You Probably Hadn't Thought of

From shopping small to problem-solving presents, the actress — whom you probably know from Riverdale and Mark, Mary, & Other People — is sharing her best ideas.

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"Mark, Mary" Premiere - 2021 Tribeca Festival
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It's easy to imagine celebrities surprising their loved ones with over-the-top designer gifts each holiday season (everyone gets a Range Rover!). But for actress Hayley Law — whom you likely recognize as Valerie Brown from Riverdale, as well as Mary in the recent film Mark, Mary & Some Other People — tis the season to shop small and thoughtfully.

"It's so important to support those around you," she tells InStyle, speaking about her preference for hitting up local or little-known businesses for presents. "We all have people in our lives who are starting a business, already have one, or are thinking about starting one, and it's my pleasure to get great products from great companies. It's personal. I've also met so many amazing people through discovering small businesses."

Since the clock is ticking, Law's last-minute ideas are simple: If someone's buying for her, go with socks ("Trust me, it's number one."). If she's buying for a friend, "a good quality, simple T-shirt" has proven to be a no-fail choice. Law is also a fan of scooping up vintage finds in her everyday life, and going that route can also be a smart solution if you're in a jam.

"I found this Krusty the Clown T-shirt that I absolutely love because I'm a huge The Simpsons fan," she says of her best vintage buy. "Also, this really great jacket that I actually wear in Mark, Mary, & Some Other People."

Speaking of which, the rom-com is one that's well worth a watch. It follows a couple as they test out what they call "ethical non-monogamy," and Law says landing the role of Mary was extremely special.

"As soon as I read the script I knew I wanted to be Mary. We had such an incredible time making the movie, and it feels so good to be able to share it with people. I love hearing that people are enjoying it."

Next up, the star says she's focusing on her music career and also has another movie, Doormouse, written and directed by Avan Jogia, coming out next year. "It's very different for me and I can't wait to share it," she adds. "I actually haven't even seen it yet … so I'm excited to see it too!"

Still, no matter where her career goes, Law will never forget her breakout role as part of the Pussycats.

"I'm so grateful for Riverdale," she tells us. "I've always been an Archie Comics fan, so that being my first TV role is extra special. The fans of the show are so loyal and so committed."

And, speaking of being committed, Law herself has promised to steer us in the right direction when it comes to our gifting dilemmas. Ahead, the actress shares a few things she's loving, whether it's a problem-solving purchase or something she's discovered from a startup, in hopes of satisfying everyone on your list.

For the Fashion Lover


"I've been loving a good waffle set, and enjoy this one Visus, by the super lovely and talented Inanna Sarkis. Hazelnut is my favorite color. I feel like you can dress them up with a blazer or stay cozy at home. They even have kids ones! There's options for everyone."

Shop now: $65;


"I recently discovered a brand called Mason Newman. Really cool, really great quality. This is my latest and greatest find."

Shop now: $67;


"This set is made for a dinner party."

Shop now: $290;

For Your Parental Figures


"This one is probably one of my favorite discoveries in the last five years. Ember makes mugs that keep your coffee (or any hot drink) at a temperature of your choosing for hours. As a slow coffee drinker, I am obsessed. These mugs are the thing you had no idea you needed, but once you have your hands on it you can't live without."

Shop now: $100;

For Your Friends


"Personally, if a friend is ever stuck on what to get me for any occasion, I think a great scented candle is always valued! This year I found an incredible small batch company called Roen Candles. My favorite scent they make is called Nocturne."

Shop now: $28;

For Your Partner


"I have found that every person I have dated has enjoyed a pair of slippers. Whether they are a known slipper user or not, once they have them, they love them. I've probably converted two to three non-slipper-users into slipper people. A perfect partner gift. This company called Glerups makes wool slippers that LAST! I've had mine for four years and they look brand new."

Shop now: $135;

For the Foodies

Jamaican Patties

"I think food is such a warm love language. We all appreciate when someone cooks for us, and if you can find a local bakery or restaurant to send a loved one a special treat, do it! Jamaican patties to me are such a warm Christmas eat. I miss my grandma making the dough and filling, sitting by the far and devouring as many patties as I could. If you're in Canada (Vancouver or Winnipeg to be exact) Mama B's Jamaican patties are a must. Send to anyone & to yourself!

Shop now:


"Alternatively, another great thing to pick up for the foodie in your life is a good cookbook. Sure, we can go online for recipes, but there's something special about opening a book and having the recipe physically there in front of you. My sister bought me the Tartine cookbook last year and I love going through it and planning my next bake.

Shop now: $40;

For the Homebody


Say what you want but a bidet will change your life. Having a bidet makes you want to stay home. Forever. You may be a little skeptical at first, but once you get the hang of it, there is no going back. It is glorious and truly a gift for EVERYONE.

Shop now: $119 (Orginally $149);

For Someone with a Sweet Tooth


"I have been religiously buying chocolates from this company called Fran's. They're based in Seattle and ever since I discovered them, they are my GO-TO for any gifting occasion. Including a little gift for myself. The assorted box of truffles are heaven."

Shop now: $72;

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