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By Romy Oltuski
Updated Nov 13, 2018 @ 11:00 am
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Ambitious, practical, and self-disciplined, Capricorns have a reputation as the Zodiac’s workaholics. They feel a deep sense of personal fulfillment upon achieving their goals and are determined to rise to the top. A gift that supports their mission, like a class in a skill they’re trying to hone or a beautiful office accessory, will be graciously received.

But the Cap in your life likely has a quick-witted sense of humor, too. Don’t be fooled by their sometimes-cool exteriors — they’re loyal, ethical, wise, and feel “a deep sense of responsibility to their tribe,” says New Jersey-based astrologer and host of the podcast Astro-Insight Kathy Biehl. A popular misconception about Capricorns is that they’re motivated by personal gain, when, often, they work hardest to show up for their loved ones. As a result, they want to feel appreciated. Don’t be afraid to get “a little gooey and sweet about your friendship,” says Biehl. Basically, your goat friend wants to see their devotion reciprocated — a framed photograph or inside joke will go a long way.

Grounded and logical, this earth sign tends to be frugal, so gift your Cap the splurge item they won’t buy for themselves. In style, Capricorns tend to be traditional, enjoying simple, high-quality items in browns, rust, and forest green. A luxe sweater or lavish bath products will make them feel spoiled and remind them to put up their feet. As will an irreverent, tongue-in-cheek surprise, like a sarcastic desk accessory.

Leather Bag

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Capricorns are nothing if not goal-oriented, so they’ll appreciate “something that could help advance their career,” says Biehl. That can mean a semester of writing classes or a well-made leather power bag that’ll sweeten her trip to the office every day.
Saint Laurent Bag, $995;

Cashmere Sweater

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Caps tend to have “traditional taste and dress by the rules” but love high-quality goods, Biehl says. Surprise yours with a beautiful and versatile cashmere sweater. It’s an investment piece they might not opt to buy for for themselves — and thus they will be all the more excited to unwrap.
Vince sweater, $395;

Colored Pencils and Coloring Book

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One of this earth sign’s lesser-known qualities “is that they’re little adults when they’re children, and they grown younger as their bodies age,” says Biehl. “When I was dating a Cap, I would give them coloring books.”
Colored Pencil Set, $20;

Cheeky Notebook

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Your goat will love’s “I Am Very Busy” notebook for several reasons: 1) They love lists. 2) They’re fluent in sarcasm. 3) They’ll appreciate the acknowledgment of their hard work. 4) They legitimately are very busy. Did we mention they like lists? notebook, $12;

Body Lotion

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“Capricorns are the worker bees of the Zodiac,” says Biehl. Remind your Cap that they deserves some R&R with an indulgent after-bath lotion or a massage.
Caudalie PREMIER CRU The Rich Cream, $140;

Old-Timey Turntable

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Caps love music, family, and traditions. Gift the Capricorn in your life a classic turntable and set the soundtrack to their next at-home get-together.
Crosley Keepsake USB 3 Speed Turntable, $130;

Framed Photograph

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These Zodiac goats often work hardest to provide for their friends and family. “They have a provider energy,” says Biehl. “They do things for their friends to say, ‘This is how I feel about you.’” Get them something sentimental, like a framed photograph or handmade token of appreciation, to show them you get it. “Finding out that it was worth it — that someone really cares — would get to them.”
Crate & Barrel Brushed Antique Frame, $40;


Caps are cool operators on the surface but have a fun, flirty streak underneath. Show you know what lies beneath with some lacy lingerie.
& Other Stories Square Lace Triangle Bra, $39;