What to Buy the Cancer in Your Life

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Cancer Horoscope Gift Guide

Sentimental caretakers, Cancers value home and family above all else. They love intimate gatherings that bring their loved ones together and are all about connecting and reminiscing. As homebodies, they strive to make their nests ever more beautiful and comfortable, so decorative items like beautiful frames and plush throw pillows make for warmly received gifts. They tend to have a feminine, traditional aesthetic — they’d feel right at home wearing a string of pearls or classic, neutral loungewear.

“For the most part, food equals love to the Cancer,” says astrologer and host of the podcast Astro-Insight by Kathy Biehl. “Often they really love cooking.” So opt for a cute cutting board or appliance that will cozy up their kitchen. “Cancers can be extraordinarily creative in a busy way,” says Biehl. They may have a garden they love tending to or an idiosyncratic craft-based hobby, so give their tools an upgrade.

But don’t forget to take care of this natural caretaker, too. Often, a Cancer will take it upon themselves to tend to everyone’s needs but their own, even though they’re highly sensitive and emotional themselves, says Biehl, so lavish bath products or a spa day would make them feel spoiled for a change. “Doing something nice for them when they’re used to being the giver might be a surprise for them.”



Nothing says comfy night in like a soft bathrobe and pair of slippers. Give your Cancer their favorite new outfit and top it off with a movie night at home.
Pottery Barn Sherpa Robe, $99; potterybarn.com

Cake Servers

Agate Cake Servers

There’s no time of year a Cancer likes better than the holidays because these loyal, familial creatures love to bring their loved ones together around a dinner table. Beautify their meal with these delicate agate cake servers.
BHLDN Agate Cake Servers, $68; bhldn.com

Bubble Bath

Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath

Your Cancer is loyal and generous — but sometimes neglects their own self-care. Encourage yours to indulge with a luxe, scented bubble bath.
Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Honey Bath, $45; lauramercier.com

Throw Pillow


“Home is extraordinarily important,” says Biehl. Make your Cancer friend’s couch even more inviting with a set of fluffy, feminine throw pillows. “They love little things for nesting.”
All Roads Marisol Pillow, $88; anthropologie.com

Framed Photographs


Cancers are extremely sentimental about childhood, family, and friends. Remind them how much they mean to you with a photo in a beautiful frame.
Ashbaugh Rustic Reclaimed Barn Wood Collage Picture Frame, $73; wayfair.com

Pearl Ring


A Cancer is a classic, loyal to her friends and her sense of style alike. Appeal to your Cancer’s traditionalist streak with a cluster pearl ring.
Kate Spade Pearl Cluster Ring, $88; katespade.com


Bon Temps

Heat up your Cancer’s winter with an at-home tea party. Cancers enjoy all things hygge, so they’ll love this beautiful, rosy lemongrass option from Bon Temps — especially since the box itself looks like more home decor.
Bon Temps, $16; shopbontemps.com

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