5 Beauty Services That Make Great Gifts

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If you've got a true beauty lover in your life, good luck shopping for 'em. The just-launched eyeshadow palette you had in mind? She owns it, has Instagrammed it, and is already on the waiting list for the 2.0 version.

That in mind, an experiential gift might be your best bet. So, we rounded up five treatments sure to appeal to the beauty-obsessed. Read on...

1. Cryotherapy

Since cryotherapy—that is, immersing one's body in a super-chilly chamber to promote muscle healing and relaxation—is just gaining steam, there's a good chance this is one treatment your pal has yet to try. The practice also claims to reduce inflammation, which has skin-calming benefits for those with conditions like eczema. New cryotherapy facials apply the same principle to the skin on your face, and have therefore been said to reduce acne. You can book one through a dermatologist.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Important: Laser hair removal is one treatment you only want to gift if your friend has already expressed interest. If she has, chances are she'll be thrilled to receive a laser hair removal package as a gift—it's a pricey indulgence, but has permanent effects. One purveyor we trust? LaserAway, which is staffed by trained medical professionals and has locations nationwide.

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3. Unlimited Blowouts

Sure, a Drybar gift card is great, but it's a membership that really brings the wow factor. The chain's "Barfly" program allows members to get two blowouts per month. Even better, some private salons offer unlimited services for a flat fee—like Society Salon in Los Angeles, which charges $125 a month for endless blowouts. (Nope, that price tag is not a typo.)

4. Eyelash Extensions

This treatment falls in the same camp as laser hair removal—it's best for those who have already expressed interest. But again, since a set of lash extensions (which lasts for two to three weeks) can go for upwards of $250, you can rest assured it'll be appreciated. Skip Groupon deals in favor of locations that employ licensed aestheticians—and if it's not touted on their website, be sure to call ahead.

5. Sound Bathing

This treatment caters more toward mental well-being than physical, but has been touted by beauty industry insiders (like Miranda Kerr) nonetheless. A form of meditation, participants relax while a leader plays soothing sounds using instruments like gongs and drums. Check out your local yoga studio for more information on gifting a class—it's becoming more widely-practiced by the day.

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