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By Romy Oltuski
Updated Nov 16, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
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Bold, energetic self-starters, Aries are full of zest. They are fiercely independent and love risk and competition, which fuels their fun-loving, high-energy personalities. “They’ll even compete against themselves,” says astrologer and host of the podcast Astro-Insight Kathy Biehl. Natural-born leaders, Aries are go-getters at work; at the top of the leaderboard at the gym; and probably leading the pack in a bike race or a mountain climb, too. “They can have their own anxieties, but they tend to jump in and do things, leaping and then maybe thinking about looking where,” says Biehl. Get their adrenaline pumping by enrolling them in a rock-climbing course or taking them on a white-water rafting expedition — they’re often highly athletic. “Think Captain Kirk in real life,” says Biehl.

With an up-and-at-’em approach to life, the Zodiac’s rams (born March 20 to April 20) tend to be early risers and keep active schedules. A gift that’ll brighten their early morning will put them in a good mood all day. Aries are passionate, carefree, and full of vigor, but as a result they can also be short-tempered and impatient, “even aggressive, as they just react,” says Biehl — they need to let off steam, often physically, and they work well alone.

When you’re browsing the racks for an Aries, keep one color in mind: red. They gravitate naturally to the fiery shade. “Aries women have an unusual fashion bent,” says Biehl. “The Aries women I know, in addition to the fact that they tend to have a lot of red in their wardrobes, have real odd taste in accessories. There’s often a clunkiness and rustness.” Bold, chunky jewelry and bright workout apparel would get them excited.


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Outfit your favorite Aries in a new, red workout look — they may not admit it, but they love getting noticed at the gym.
Sweaty Betty Homestraight Run Tank, $85, and Zero Gravity Run Leggings, $135;

Statement Earrings

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Surprise your ram with a pair of large, loud earrings. Aries tend to be ahead of the curve when it comes to style, so they’ll enjoy taking a risk with an out-there piece of jewelry.
Kate Spade Earrings, $68;

Extreme Sports Class

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Aries enjoy a good adrenaline rush. Send your Aries where they really want to be — at the top of the mountain — by enrolling them in a local rock-climbing course.

A Fitness Tracker

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Biohacking while on the move is an Aries’ dream. They’d find the stats and progress reports of a fitness tracker thrilling.
Fitbit Versa Smartwatch with Limited Edition Ruby Band, $200;

Sunrise Alarm Clock

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Since Aries are up early, wake yours naturally with a sunrise alarm clock that gradually brightens as wakeup time approaches.
Philips Wake-Up Light, $90;

Classpass Membership

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Often, Aries have “a particular form of exercise they’re passionate about,” says Biehl. “They tend to push themselves — this is the sign of competition.” If it’s biking they love, get them a new set of wheels. If it’s boxing, spoil them with new red gloves. But if they’re still finding their niche or love movement altogether, go for a Classpass membership and let them choose their own adventure.

Coffee Maker

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Always-caffeinated rams will thank you for a handy and sleek coffee maker or a beautiful to-go thermos.
KitchenAid Single Serve Thermal Mug Coffee Maker, $68;