By Lauren Saxe
Updated Dec 11, 2017 @ 11:45 am
Marcos del Mazo/Getty Images

Santa and all of his helpers took to the streets of New York this weekend for a special gathering full of bar hopping, merriment, and mayhem at the city’s annual SantaCon.

Red suits spilled out the doors of some of the city’s favorite bars, and lines of Santas went for miles, armed and ready for a day full of holly jolly partying. Let’s give a round of applause for the SantaCon-goers who…

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Bared the snow and winds, and bared some skin, too.

Modernized Santa and gave him a street wear vibe.

Took maternity wear to a whole new level.

Channeled one of Peanuts’ favorite characters.

Ditched the milk and cookies for a new set of abs.

Took a beloved Christmas song seriously.

Assembled a true Santa squad.

Won the accessory game.

Were inspired by one of the year’s hottest TV shows.

Twinned as Santa’s reindeer.

Suited up in Christmas cheer.

Felt a little more John Cena than Jolly Old Saint Nick.

Matched with their girl gang.

Paid homage to one of film’s favorite elves.

And kept it classic with a beard and a charming Mrs. Claus.