6 Student-Run Fashion Organizations That Give Back

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With the air becoming crisper as the days go by, it's clear that fall is approaching at a rapid speed. With Labor Day now an afterthought, students are flooding back into schools all around the country to begin the next chapter of their education.

Since September has been called "the January of fashion," it's safe to say that students might feel similarly about September being a new beginning as they go back to class. We strive to do better and be the best versions of ourselves to start a new chapter off on the right foot, and if you're a student who loves fashion, we've got some suggestions.

We gathered six of our favorite fashion-related student-run organizations and non-profits to help make being charitable a little easier.

1. CAISA Fashion Show

One of the largest run charity fashion shows in Canada, CAISA (Canadian Asian International Student Association) brings together hundreds of students and executives to raise money for many important causes within their Canadian community. In 2017 alone, they raised $35,000 for stem cell research.

2. SEW Swag

Established in 2014 by rising senior Dillon Eisman, SEW Swag is a non-profit that takes donated, damaged, and unwanted garments and "upcycles" them into fashionable garments for homeless youth in the greater Los Angeles area.

3. The MusicianShip

Initiated by the late Dianne Nichol Grainger, The MusicianShip came into fruition when Grainger noticed many inner-city schools within the Washington D.C. areas did not offer a proper music education. Today, The MusicianShip is vowing to change lives, and their latest clothing collaboration only helps to further introduce music to kids.

4. The Anchal Project

Established by two graduates from the Rhode Island School of Design, The Anchal Project was brought to life after a trip to India, where the co-founders say "design can be a catalyst for social and environmental innovation." The organization has an array of products, ranging from hand-made tea towels and quilts to framed art.

5. The Creative Lab

The Creative Lab was founded in Boulder, Colorado by craft, art and fashion teachers as a way to showcase their expertise and knowledge within their respective fields. Students can come and create anything that their heart desires and learn the basics of fashion design.

6. NYU and re-FashioNYC

Right in the heart of New York City, New York University students are teaming up with re-FashioNYC to help donate their old, unwanted clothing in order to prevent them from being dumped into landfills (ew). Nearly 16 halls in the NYU dorms have set up recycling points for students to access.

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