By Jane Asher
Updated Aug 08, 2017 @ 2:15 pm
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Ah, back to school. That sweet time in early- to mid-August when days were spent perusing the aisles of Staples, hitting the themed-supplies jackpot at Target, and picking out a brand-new backpack to start off the school year in style.

And, if there's one thing Millennials remember about this magical time of year, it was keeping up with ever-changing school supply fads, from Lisa Frank trapper keepers to pastel-hued Milky Pens. Every year brought something new (and we're not just talking figuring out how to spell "HELLO"—among other things—on your TI-89 calculator).

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Take a walk down memory lane, and rediscover your favorite school supplies you totally forgot about—until now.

Glitter Glue

90s School Supplies - 1
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Now, these glue bottles weren't the ones you spread all over your hands, let dry, and then delicately peel off, but they were pretty, and any girly girl worth her butterfly clip definitely owned at least two of these babies.

Cartoon/Video Game-Themed Lunch Box

90s School Supplies - 2
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Video game-themed school supplies were a must, and double points for featuring Mario and co. on your lunch box.

Trapper Keepers

90s School Supplies - 3
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One magical place where you could store your folders, pencils, ruler, protractor, loose-leaf paper, calculator, and so much more.

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers

Don't lie: You totally walked around after art class with a few colorful dots on the bridge of your nose from these heavenly scented markers.

SpaceMaker Pencil Box

You obviously had one of these stashed in your elementary school desk, plus a few at home organized by writing material: one for markers, one for pens, and one for pencils, mechanical and #2.

Erasable Pens

90s School Supplies - 5
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Once you hit high school, though, pencils were for amateurs. These pens wrote so smoothly, and since we all make mistakes and algebra is pretty much impossible to master with a real pen, the erasers were key.

Lisa Frank Everything

90s School Supplies - 7
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Lisa Frank binders, Lisa Frank pens, Lisa Frank pencils, Lisa Frank stickers, Lisa Frank notebooks, Lisa Frank folders, Lisa Frank, Lisa Frank, Lisa Frank. That is all.

Pencil Grips

90's School Supply Add - 2
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While I personally preferred these soft ribbed grips, I definitely see the appeal of the jelly ones as well. We'll call it a tie.

Milky Pens

90's School Supply Add - 3
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Who didn't have a full on addiction to these beautiful, smooth, sometimes sparkly pens?! My personal favorites were of the the multi-colored variety that gave you a colorful surprise with every letter.

Shuttle Pens

90's School Supply Add - 1
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TBH, the best part about these pens was holding down all 6-12 colors at once and scribbling like a crazy person to make some beautiful pen art.

Novelty Erasers

90's School Supply Add - 4
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These didn't actually erase very well, but who cared when you were the coolest kid at school with a pencil pouch full of smiley faces, colorful hearts, soccer balls, and ice-cream cones?