We Asked 7 Fashion TikTokers For Their Best Holiday Outfit Ideas

It's safe to say we'll be trying these tricks well into the new year.

TikTok Holiday Outfit Ideas

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As we prepare to celebrate the winter holidays with friends and loved ones, we're not only thinking about gift shopping but also what to wear. And, it can be argued that there's no better way to get unique holiday outfit ideas than from the most fabulous fashion TIkTokers in the game. So, we hit up some of our favorites, from content creator and curve model Remi Bader to thrifting queen Macy Eleni, getting the scoop on how the pros plan to dress up as we close out the year. Spoiler alert: We’d pretty much wear each and every one of these looks, even after we take down our decorations and head into 2023.

One trend taking over the fashion TikTok world as of late is (surprise, surprise) sparkles. Anna Sitar tells InStyle, “I am my most confident in my coziest outfits, but I am so excited for a little New Year's celebration in a dress or matching set that makes me want to dance the night away!” From sequined minis to beaded accessories, there are countless ways to incorporate shimmer into your holiday wardrobe, and on top of bringing magic to your party outfits, there are tons of tricks for wearing these items casually throughout the day.

Anna Sitar

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Another way to add a little something special to you holiday outfit is through accessories.

“I love hair bows — they’re so fun and really elevate a look," says Emira D’Spain. "I also love adding hair pieces like rhinestone clips from LELET NY and headbands from Elena Honch. The more bling, the better!”

Bader adds that this year, she's all about incorporating sparkly, bags, earrings, and shoes into her looks, which is something that Audrey Peters also agrees with. “I'm a BIG shoe girl and love fashion jewelry," she says. "I also adore color — neutrals aren't my thing. This season, I'll be mixing in tons of colorful accessories and big chunky pieces of fashion jewelry to compliment my outfits.”

If you're hoping for a more environmentally-friendly fashion moment, Macy Eleni — AKA @blazedandglazed — has you covered.

“During the holidays, I’m calling on my thrifted dresses, vintage fur coats, and old leather boots," she tells InStyle. "Much like Halloween, the holiday season in itself contributes to so much waste and is a time people feel a lot of pressure to buy new things that they will quite literally only wear once. I see it as the perfect opportunity for someone whose interest has been peaked by second-hand shopping to hit the thrift, estate sale, or local consignment shop and dig out those show-stopping pieces for whatever events are on your calendar. The sequins, glitter, hot party tops, leather jackets, and ugly Christmas sweaters all live at the thrift [store]. I promise you, your local thrift store or favorite resale site is packed full of the OG versions of all your favorite fast fashion brand's latest landfillers.” 

Ahead, TikTokers share even more holiday fashion tips and how they plan on dressing up this season. 

Emira D’Spain 

The Perfect Holiday Outfit: “This dress from Miscreants London that I wore for my birthday actually comes in a velvet red and would be perfect for a Holiday dinner. It’s so fabulous and elegant but also sexy!”

Remi Bader

The Perfect Holiday Outfit: "These [dresses] are definitely options for fancy holiday events that you have coming up. I love a lot of these dresses because of the holiday colors, velvet fabric, sparkles, and of course you can never go wrong with all black and adding the right accessories." 

Anna Sitar

The Perfect Holiday Outfit: “One of my favorite new fashions that I discovered this holiday season is simple sweaters. I always imagined them too professional for every day or styling them in a way to look more mature, but this season I have fallen in love with simple, beautiful knit cardigans.”

Audrey Peters

The Perfect Holiday Outfit: “Everyone knows a little black dress is all you need. This holiday season, I wore this little black dress to multiple holiday parties and its sparkles caught everyone’s eye. Paired with stunning YSL shoes that are sky-high, it was the perfect combination of elegance and eccentricity.”

Macy Eleni

The Perfect Holiday Outfit: “I knew I had a holiday wedding to go to this month, so I did what I do best and created a ‘thrift manifest’ board, AKA a Pinterest board, full of dresses that I loved different elements of but all shared the same vibe. I then stared at the images for a few weeks, said my prayers to the thrift gods, and went on my hunt. I ended up finding the most insanely perfect Marciano by Guess ruffled gown in the back of a Los Angeles Goodwill for only $10. By the way, just got back from the wedding this past weekend and the Goodwill dress was indeed (besides the gorgeous bride) the slay of the day.” 

Bella Gerard

This is one of my go-to outfit recipes that can easily be reimagined in a more holiday-friendly color palette. A body-con midi or maxi skirt paired with a leather blazer is a combo you can dress up or down — and for the holidays, a going-out top takes the look to the next level."

Abbie Herbert

“I feel like the sequins and sparkle here make the outfit elevated, but not over the top. It's festive and perfect for a party, and black is slimming on my growing body."

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