Discover Your Go-To Holiday Nail Art, According to Your Zodiac Sign

You'll want something to speak to your innermost spirit.

Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

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‘Tis the season to be jolly — and wear fabulous nail art.

This year, everyone will want to rock looks that speak to their innermost spirit. From Lisa Frank to minimalist sparkle and even snowflakes, anything goes as long as it aligns with your personal vibe.

To get you inspired, we found 12 cool and chic nail art designs that align with each zodiac sign, and they’re all divine.

Read on to discover yours.

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Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

Instagram @tattedlips

Being that you are known for your red hot personality, these fiery metallic candy-colored nails will keep your heart burning with passion all winter long — especially during the holidays. This nail art look will push you to embrace your desires and feelings throughout the upcoming cold days of winter. 

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Holiday Nail Art

Instagram @elizebeauty

This chic holiday nail art will elevate your status as the ultimate snow queen. You’ll fall in love with the sparkle and bling these amazing nails add to your indulgent and decadent style. Not only do they speak to your Venusian spirit, but they will accentuate your beauty, too. 

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Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

Instagram @nyahnicolenails

Your airy sentiments will find that these snowflake nails help you in expressing your deepest feelings to others this season. The different shades of blue will give you the incentive to speak solely from the heart and not hold back from wishing those you care about a wonderful holiday. 

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Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

Instagram @essie

This holiday season, you’re wanting a subtle look that glows up your nails with a light colored sheen. A little sparkle will help your nails shine and glisten underneath the moonlight as you celebrate the seasonal festivities. Nothing will be more fun than watching your nails dance amongst the stars. 

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Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

Instagram @python_nails

Although you want to be seen this holiday season, you also want to choose a vibe for your nails that speaks to the change in growth you are experiencing on the inside. The colorways on this metallic nail art look are pivotal in expressing the awesome lion you are becoming. 

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Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

Instagram @esthetics_by_julia_

You’re opting for a demure look this holiday season. That means that you’re ditching the red candy cane nails and replacing it with light pink glitter to embrace the simpler vibe you are currently embracing. This look will also match every holiday dress you are wearing, which is ideal.

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Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

Instagram @polishedandcurly

Since you’re the belle of the ball and life of the party, you will be the one getting everyone excited for the new year. All the more reason why you should rock this Lisa Frank x Orly nail art look to let the good times roll. 

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Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

Instagram @trufflesnails

It wouldn’t be Christmas without the Grinch, who like you, is a character who goes under major transformation. Although you may not be as grumpy as him — these nails will serve as a reminder of how far you’ve come and how proud you should be of your evolutionary efforts. 

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Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

Instagram @auranaildesign

Since you’re always one to break convention, this cool psychedelic nail design will prove to be the best nail art you’ve ever worn during the holidays, as it speaks to your wild and carefree personality. Plus, it’ll be the talk of the party and envy of all of the attendees.

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Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

Instagram @butterlondon

You’re known for your conservative fashion and makeup choices, but that doesn’t mean you can’t elevate a classic look and make it modern. Seasonal nails (like these amazing green argyle ones) that have a metallic twist are ideal for you to wear throughout the holidays and into the new year.

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Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

Instagram @moshbeautystudio

Always looking for new and novel ways to be seen, you’ll relish in this metallic nail art, which will put you on the map as a stylish water-bearer. After all, you inspire others to be great — now it’s your turn to embrace your awesomeness and lean into your stardom.

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Holiday Nail Art by Zodiac Sign

Instagram @witchfacenails

One thing you’re beginning to realize is that less is more. This nail look is lovely and stunning. It will go with your ethereal makeup and outfit that you picked out for the holidays. It will also remind you of the transcendent beauty that lies within us all — especially you. 

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