Ganni’s Cute Clothes Continue to Pop Up On Every Major Celebrity — Here’s Why

Get to know the history behind the Scandinavian brand that everyone from Beyoncé to Bella Hadid loves.

GLOSSARY: The History of Ganni

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Out of all the Scandinavian brands that show collections during Copenhagen Fashion Week, Ganni is one of the most popular. Not only is it beloved by well-dressed celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Miley Cyrus, and Emma Chamberlain, but the clothes, shoes, and accessories are also considered to be high-end and luxury without having a hefty price tag.

Still, each time we slip on a Ganni dress or pair of boots from the label, we often wonder about the brand's history. Who is Ganni's designer? When was Ganni founded? Ahead, we're breaking down the answers to these questions and more.

Bella Hadid Ganni Boots
Bella Hadid wearing Ganni boots.

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Where is the brand Ganni from?

Ganni (pronounced GHA-NEE) is a Danish fashion brand. It was founded by Copenhagen gallerist Frans Truelsen in the year 2000 — although it was far from the label we know and love today. Initially, Ganni was all about creating the perfect cashmere sweater, but in 2009, husband and wife Nicolaj and Ditte Reffstrup took over and set out to scale the company.

As Ganni's new owners — as well as CEO (Nicolaj) and creative director (Ditte) — the two began focusing on contemporary ready-to-wear. Instead of leaning toward the traditional Scandinavian style, which is more minimalistic and includes lots of black, Ganni's designs feature playful pops of color and prints, putting a fresh, whimsical take on wardrobe staples.

“It’s all about the contrast; wearing something feminine and pairing it with a pair of sneakers or denim,” Ditte told Porter in 2018, speaking about their approach. “And, of course, effortless style, because we’re from Copenhagen; everything here seems very laid-back and cool — it’s a very easy way of dressing. For example, we use our bikes every day, and you would never see a girl wearing a pair of heels on her bike, she would always be wearing a pair of sneakers and maybe have her heels in her basket.”

This mix of laid-back, yet playful has no doubt helped Ganni develop its cult following. As Nicolaj told Elle UK when discussing the brand's customers, "It’s them wearing the clothes, not the clothes wearing the girl."

Metallic Ganni Outfit Street Style
A metallic outfit by Ganni.

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Why is Ganni so popular?

One could argue that Ganni's popularity is due to a variety of factors. For starters, the brand has that unique "cool girl" vibe, inspiring us to pair an easy, breezy dress with a colorful pair of cowboy boots. And it doesn't hurt that Ganni is celebrity-approved. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Beyoncé has been spotted wearing the clothes, and fashion icons have had Ganni on their favorites list since the mid-2010s.

In January 2015, the brand's fall collection was showcased on Vogue as part of its Copenhagen Fashion Week coverage. That same year, Helena Christensen also gave the brand a boost, sharing a photo of herself with Kate Bosworth and captioning the pic "#GanniGirls" in reference to their Ganni outfits. By early 2023, the hashtag had been used about 95K times.

2017 was another pivotal year for Ganni, as the label was acquired by LVMH-affiliated private equity firm, L Catterton, for an undisclosed amount. That move helped the brand with its international presence, and today, along with its own stores, Ganni is sold at 400 premium retailers in 20 countries.

Is Ganni a luxury brand?

Ganni is considered to be an "affordable" luxury brand. While the pieces are elevated and designer quality, they're also fairly priced, with most costing under $1,000 and many falling under $500.

Is Ganni fast fashion?

Ganni is not fast fashion, but on its website, the brand states it's not a sustainable brand, either, since "at its core, fashion thrives on newness and consumption, which is a major contradiction to the concept of sustainability."

"Instead, we're focused on becoming the most responsible version of ourselves," reads a section dedicated to responsibility. "We’re not perfect but committed to making better choices every day, minimizing our social and environmental impact across the entire business. We see this as our moral obligation and every action counts. The time to create change is now, no excuses which is why we have committed to an absolute 50% carbon reduction target by 2027."

Each year, Ganni releases responsibility reports to be transparent about its progress. The brand is also B Corp certified, which, according to, is "a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials."

Ganni Fall 2023
Ganni Fall 2023 Collection.

Courtesy of Ganni

Does Ganni make beauty products?

Ganni entered the beauty space in October 2022, collaborating with Submission Beauty on zero-plastic, biodegradable glitter. The products come in three different colors, are made from plant-derived materials, and cost $25 each.

Ganni Glitter
Ganni's plant-based glitter.

Courtesy of Ganni

Who is Ganni owned by?

Today, Ganni is still owned by private equity firm L Catterton, but in June 2022, Reuters reported that the brand was up for sale.

"The firm has hired boutique investment bank Lazard to run the sale process, which has attracted interest from Chinese buyers," the publication wrote, citing "two people with knowledge of the situation" as its sources. At the time Ganni was valued between $500 million and $700 million, however, nothing has been finalized.

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