Amazon Shoppers Say These $13 Microneedle Patches Got Rid of Their Dark Spots “Completely”

I swear by them for lingering zits, too.

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Amazon Shoppers Say These $13 Microneedle Patches Got Rid of Their Dark Spots “Completely”Hero


Dark spots aren’t something they warned you about as a kid; you played in the sun sans-SPF and picked at pimples only to learn that, down the line, those bad habits would become visible. While vitamin C and exfoliators have helped me fade a number of scars and spots left by the above faux pas, there’s one overnight treatment that both Amazon shoppers and I swear by for near-instant results.

Hero Cosmetics, which has quickly become the go-to brand for breakouts thanks to its shopper-loved pimple patches, has a slightly lesser-known (though equally loved) dark spot treatment designed to quickly fade discoloration. Each patch is infused with a brightening serum and features micropoints that allow for targeted treatment. You can grab a pack of eight at Amazon for $13, making them just under $2 apiece.

Mighty Patch Micropoint for Dark Spots


Shop now: $13;

The Mighty Patch Micropoint for Dark Spots includes eight 18-millimeter wide round patches. Each one is infused with a dark-spot fading treatment formulated with two brightening powerhouses — tranexamic acid and vitamin C — anti-inflammatory licorice root, and reparative niacinamide. To allow the treatment to quickly and effectively get to work, each patch boasts 395 dissolving micropoints that gently prick and target the problem area.

The patches have an impressive 2,000 five-star ratings from people who say they’re “well worth the money.” One shopper noted that while the micropoints might feel slightly uncomfortable when first applied, they’re worth it as the patches “got rid of [their] dark spots completely.” Another, who used them to treat acne-induced discoloration, raved that they were “very effective.” “I wore mine at night and the dark spots were visibly lighter by the time I woke up,” they said. Another customer called them “magic,” explaining that they faded their dark spots by “50 percent” overnight, doing what the “expensive peels and treatments” they had tried couldn’t.

And as someone whose pimples tend to linger — I don’t often get them, but when I do they’re massive, bright red, and last up to two weeks — I’ve started using these to clear those spots up quicker. I apply these to pimples that have popped and healed, and I’m just waiting to fade. When I put the patches on those ultra-red spots overnight, I wake up to minimal discoloration, often left with a small, pink dot that clears within a few days. I’ve been spot-treating pimples since puberty, and this is the first product I’ve actually been impressed by.

Rather than hoping your stubborn dark spots fade (or paying exorbitant prices for a brightening facial), tackle them overnight with this topical treatment that’s just $2 apiece at Amazon

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