Helen Mirren Says She’s “Most Appreciative” for This Ultra-Flattering Wardrobe Essential I Can’t Live Without

Spanx shapewear is my favorite fashion hack.

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Helen Mirren Spanx

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I admire Helen Mirren for many reasons. She’s obviously incredibly talented, duh. She’s also super fashionable, and many of the outfits she’s worn, like this green-on-green ‘fit with my go-to sneakers or this trouser-and-pink sweater combo, are totally worth taking a style lesson from. Seriously — the 1923 actress knows how to make a sartorial splash, and she just revealed that she also loves one of my go-to flattering fashion secrets.

During a recent emmy magazine interview with her 1923 co-star, Harrison Ford, Mirren opened up how the entire TV viewing experience has changed over the years (“I can’t believe the size of the screens now,” she says to Ford), her experience working on a set as large as the one for 1923, and last — and most importantly — the thing she’s most thankful to have in the modern world that we didn’t have in 1923: Spanx. “You know what I’m most appreciative of… Spanx,” she whispers to Ford, to which he replies with a giggle, “I appreciate your loaning them to me on the occasional basis.” 

Clearly, Mirren and I share an appreciation for the game-changing, ultra-flattering fashion hack that makes all your clothes look and fit 10 times better. While the actress didn’t reveal which Spanx essential she’s most in love with, we’re fairly certain that when she says “Spanx,” she’s referring to the quintessential shapewear options that brand is best-known for. After all, that’s what the word “Spanx” was synonymous with just a few years ago.

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Sure, in its time, the Hollywood-worn label has also created clothing and activewear, like wide-leg pants, machine-washable silk blouses, and butt-boosting leggings, but there’s no denying that its shapewear is the most iconic. The Spanx shorts that I’m pretty positive Mirren is referring to in her interview saved me during my senior prom. I remember running to Macy’s the day before the grand march, crunched for time because I couldn’t get my dress altered or fixed (it was a bit tight and sheer), but my Spanx shorts worked miracles.

Higher Power Short


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To this day, I still rely on my Spanx whenever I wear something with an imperfect fit or see-through fabric. The shaping shorts offer coverage and support, but they’re also a game-changing summer hack to prevent chafing, which is all the more common when we start wearing dresses and skirts. TL;DR: The benefits of Spanx are endless, and I, just like Mirren, can’t imagine a world without them. 

Shop some of my go-to shapewear and wardrobe essentials from the brand below, including the shorts I basically wear 365 days a year and the perfect black pants I can’t live without. Trust me: Everything will come in handy this season and beyond.

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