Helen Mirren's New Blue Hair Is as Iconic as It Gets

Marge Simpson could never.

Helen Mirren with Blue Hair

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Helen Mirren always understands the assignment, whether she's going geek-chic for a premiere or outing herself as a bona fide sneakerhead. So it should come as a shock to absolutely no one that for a screening of the film Jeanne du Barry at the 76th Annual Cannes Film Festival, she showed up with a scene-stealing blue updo — all the better to accompany her era-appropriate, color-matching ensemble, complete with a fan.

For those who didn't read a ton of books about Marie Antoinette in high school, Jeanne du Barry, a.k.a. Comtesse du Barry, was a popular courtesan who rose through the ranks of King Louis XV's court, wielding outsized influence over the king and temporarily serving as his mistress. (Naturally, Marie Antoinette was not a fan.)

Helen Mirren with Blue Hair at Cannes

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The Dame's typically white hair was streaked with shades of turquoise and cobalt and piled at the crown of her head — a nod to the poufs of the film's era — but she didn't stop there. She also sported sky-blue nails designed to match her gown almost exactly, proving that a monochromatic look can often be the most interesting one.

We'll take it as our cue to go a little bolder with the hair color this summer — and as a reason to consider full cosplay once the film is released in theaters.

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