A Heated Lash Curler Can Be a Game-Changer for Lashes — Here's Why

Experts break down the ultimate tool to getting maximum volume on your lashes.


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Long, voluminous lashes are universally beloved, and these days, there are plenty of ways to get them. But if your best volumizing mascara is no longer cutting it — and you don't want to fake it with false lashes or extensions — then it's time to consider the heated lash curler.

A heated lash curler is exactly what it sounds like: The makeup tool is a lash curler that emits heat, offering lasting curl and a fuller look. However, if the idea of applying heat so close to the eye sounds intimidating, or you've just never encountered one of these gadgets, you're not alone. With that in mind, experts share the scoop on how to use a heated lash curler safely — and for the best possible results.

How Does A Heated Lash Curler Work?

"Think of it as a curling iron for your lashes instead of your hair," says celebrity makeup artist Christin Zito Cook. "Unlike traditional lash curlers, which crimp your hair and can damage and pull your eyelashes, a heated lash curler can add more intense volume and lift, as well as keeping your lashes safe."

Plus, they're not just for your natural lashes. “I love using heated lash curlers to style false lashes for my clients," adds celebrity makeup artist Sean Harris. "They help to create a seamless curl that helps them blend into your lashes.” More realistic-looking falsies? Sign us up.

A heated lash curler is perfect for those who have very straight lashes that don't curl easily, says Cook; as with the hair on your head, adding just a little bit of heat can add more volume, lift, and definition. And for maximum volume, she suggests using a traditional curler before using a heated one.

Are They Safe?

Heated lash curlers are completely safe, so long as you use the right temperature and if you use them in moderation. Also, Cook says, be sure to clean it often before using. If you accidentally burn your skin or start noticing breakage on your lashes, it's a sign that you're using too much heat and should cut down on using it.

Also, consider the temperature setting. Cook says that most curlers will have one set temperature that brands have deemed safe, while others will have multiple options to choose from. (Lashify's Lashicurl has three settings, for instance, while Grande Cosmetics GrandeLASH-LIFT Heated Lash Curler has two.) New York City-based board-certified dermatologist Hadley King is a fan of Chella's Heated Eyelash Curler, since it's easy to use and distributes heat evenly to minimize damage.

How Do You Use A Heated Lash Curler?

First, make sure you're working with clean lashes; you should only ever use a heated lash curler before applying mascara, not before. "This cannot only ruin the lash curler, but it can also make your lashes susceptible to damage," says Dr. King. "It will also make it really obvious where you used the lash curler — and where you did not."

Also important: If you can set your temperature, always start with the lowest setting and then adjust if needed, says Cook. You can also test the heat by running it over your fingertip to see how hot the lash curler is. If it's too hot for your fingertips, then it's definitely too hot for your lashes, she says.

Turn on your lash curler and give it 15 to 60 seconds to heat up (the amount of time will vary according to the product). Choose your temperature setting, then hold the wand at the base of the upper lashes and slowly wiggle it up to the ends.

Apply your mascara and get ready to bat your lashes — easy, effective, and as effortless as it gets.

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