Harry Styles Didn't Actually Say Emily Ratajkowski Was His "Celebrity Crush" in an Unearthed Throwback Video

He mentioned a different Emily entirely.

Dreams do come true, at least for Harry Styles. I mean, it probably helps that he's famous and incredibly good looking, but that's very much beside the point.  

Over the weekend, the internet was shocked to see the "Watermelon Sugar" singer and Emily Ratajkowski kissing in the streets of Tokyo. However, many fans believed that Styles had actually been manifesting that moment for almost a decade. In an unearthed One Direction interview with Telehit from 2014, Harry was asked if he had a celebrity crush. "Emily Ratajkowski from Gone Girl," he appeared to say while mispronouncing the model's last name (it's Rat-Ah-Kof-Ska). People reported that it was actually a doctored clip, though, and that he said Emily Blunt was his crush.

"You know who I quite fancy — Emily Blunt," he said in the actual interview.

Harry Styles


And while the Styles and Ratajkowski's weekend make-out session came as a surprise to most, Harry and Emily have actually been "friendly for a while" now, according to a source. "Harry and Emily know each other," the insider told People, adding that Ratajkowski is also “friendly” with Styles's ex-girlfriend, Olivia Wilde.

Styles's relationship with Wilde ended in November 2022 after nearly two years of dating. One of the reported reasons behind their split was because of Harry's hectic touring schedule, which brought him to Japan earlier this month. EmRata, meanwhile, filed for divorce from her ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McCalard two months prior to Styles and Wilde's breakup. 

Emily Ratajkowski


Since separating from Bear-McClard, Emily's been living her best single girl life, casually dating Pete Davidson, comedian Eric André, and DJ Orazio Rispo.

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