The Nail Art You Should Rock for Halloween, According to Your Zodiac Sign

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Pumpkin spice and everything nice are key elements of autumnal nail art. And if you add a dash of spookiness, we have the perfect ingredients for easy Halloween nails.

In case you’re hard pressed for amazing options, we have selected the best Halloween nail art for your zodiac sign. Everything from sweet accents to ghoulish looks will make your mani extra special this season.

Discover which nail art look you should with for Halloween 2022, all according to your zodiac sign.

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Halloween Aries

Now, you can wear your favorite horror movie villains on your nails. By supporting these characters, you’re allowing the world to know what your favorite gore films are and have fun discussing them with those who will comment in awe. This look will radiate the fiery energy that your personality exudes.

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Halloween Taurus

Blingy spider are straight fire. The simplicity and artistry of these nails aligns with your personal aesthetic, as you like creative designs that aren’t too over the top during Halloween because you love to leave the extreme drama and flair to your costume. 

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Hallowen Gemini

Your dualistic nature will flip over these glow in the dark nails. You’ll be able to surprise people who aren’t expecting to see the glow up when the lights go out. They’re ideal for a dance party or an event where you can flaunt your fingers under a black light. 

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Halloween Cancer

Although you’re not one to dress up in head-to-toe Halloween garb, you will be drawn to the Hello Kitty nail art for your pinchers. The look is blended with sparkle, pizazz, and 3D charms, giving a chic gothic style that you’ve been wanting to flaunt.

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Halloween Leo

You’re known to be the life of the party, which is why you have to make an entrance with your costume, makeup, and nails on Halloween. All the more reason for you to adorn a killer set of slasher nail art on your claws. They will make an impressive statement. 

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Halloween Virgo

You have a sarcastic sense of humor. A great way to embrace your funny qualities is to show off your personality. Hopefully, Ghostface will have a chuckle too and give you a holler. But, they’ll only call to say how fab your nail art is. 

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Halloween Libra

Your classic take on Halloween nail decor will get an updated twist with pastels colors and a sensation that will rival your favorite Halloween candies. A sweet and delicate nail art look is a great way to balance out the scary energy of the season with a little heartfelt tenderness.

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Halloween Scorpio

This art is something that Elvira, “The Mistress of the Dark,” would adorn her nails with every day of the year. It is also your first pick for Halloween. The romantic, eerie, ghoulish, and spine-chilling vibes from the intense spider webs are the perfect look for your ghoulish seasonal sentiments. 

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Halloween Sagittarius

You have a bold and daring voice with bite, that transcends into a personal vibrant vibe. Therefore, it’s important to wear nail art that lets your vivacious and radical mindset show. The bright and neon designs are similar to the street art aesthetic that you adore with a Halloween twist.

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Halloween Capricorn

Black and blue nail art is one of the scariest looks we’ve seen for Halloween. And, being that you’re a full on lover of all horror flicks, it’ll come as no surprise that you will opt to wear these bloody nails in celebration of the seasonal festivities. 

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Halloween Aquarius

Since you have a rep of being a voyeur, you always have one eye looking at everything that is going on around you. The 3D eye is extra spooky, because it’s super unexpected, but you’ll find it to be unique, creative, and funny (sentiments that define your innate airy personality).

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Halloween Pisces

You prefer cute and cool nail art for Halloween, as it reflects your desire to exclude positivity during the spooky season. Plus, they’ll go with almost every piece of clothing that you own. This will make it easy to coordinate looks, costumes, and the overall Halloween vibe into your game.

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