Halle Berry Took a Tumble in a Pair of Sky-High Stilettos

All while bringing back the skirt-over-pants trend.

Halle Berry


We stan a queen that can laugh at herself. 

On Friday, Halle Berry posted a clip of herself taking a tumble (a graceful one, might we add) at the Looking Beyond LA charity luncheon in a pair of sky-high Stuart Weitzman stiletto booties. In the video, the actress got up to present an award, and during her short trip from her seat to the stage, she fell flat on her face while walking up a set of stairs. Like a pro, though, Halle brushed herself off and delivered her speech without missing a beat. 

"If I see this on the internet,” Berry jokingly warned the audience, who audibly gasped at the sight of her face-plant. She added, "Van's coming for you." Meanwhile, on Instagram, Halle poked fun at the situation further and captioned the video: "Sometimes you bust your ass!"

She continued, "What happened was...My dear friend @shillahekmatpiano invited me to speak at her charity event celebrating a wonderful organization called @lookingbeyondla that raises money for children with special needs...then that happened!!! I face planted."

While the mishap was humorous (once it was clear Halle wasn't hurt), her outfit was no laughing matter. For the occasion, Halle made the Y2K skirt-over-pants trend go from cringe to cool while wearing a sheer lace bustier underneath a black studded Zuhair Murad blazer and a matching miniskirt layered on top of a pair of flared trousers. Berry's stylist Lindsay Flores shared a video of the actress effortlessly strutting in the ensemble along with her high-heeled booties, making everyone forget she even fell in the first place. 

What fall?

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