Halle Berry Paid Tribute to Dorothy Dandridge with Throwback Lingerie Photos on Instagram

"The Dottie Body."

Yesterday, Halle Berry posted the #TBT post to end all other #TBT posts in honor of Dorothy Dandridge's 100th birthday. Berry — who portrayed the late actress in the 1999 biopic Introducing Dorothy Dandridge — shared a behind-the-scenes look at her wardrobe fittings from the movie on Instagram.

Halle Berry


In a slew of Polaroid pictures, Halle wore outfits that originally belonged to Dandridge — including her sexy lingerie sets. One photo featured a young Halle in a nude lace bra and a high-cut thong, while in another image, she wore a sheer red bra and matching underwear. Other snapshots included Halle wearing a white halter-neck dress and a sunhat, as well as a few closeups of her glam for the film.  

"This #tbt I share with you what we affectionately called 'The Dottie Body.' Every piece of Dorothy Dandridge’s clothing given to me by her manager Earl Mills fit me perfectly! Here’s a look behind the curtain of my polaroid collection of costume fittings and shoot days," Halle captioned the carousel. "If you love Dottie like I do, enjoy! ❤️"

A day earlier, Berry wished Dandridge a happy birthday on Twitter with an uncanny side-by-side photo of herself next to the trailblazing actress. "23 years ago I was privileged to bring the life of Dorothy Dandridge to the screen and 100 years ago today this legendary magical creature was born! Happy birthday Dottie," she wrote.

Dandridge was the first Black actress to be nominated for the Oscar's Best Actress award when she starred in the 1954 film Carmen Jones, and while she didn't win, ironically, Berry finished what she started and became the first Black woman to take home the Best Actress award for her performance in Monster's Ball in 2001.

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