The White Lotus Star Haley Lu Richardson Says Her Parents Almost Named Her "Green"

So it makes sense why she's a fan of Kate Spade's Fall 2023 collection, which heavily features the statement color.

Haley Lu Richardson - Kate Spade Fall 2023

BFA/ Yvonne Tnt

Much like her character Portia from HBO's The White Lotus, actress Haley Lu Richardson admits that she's usually "an eclectic dresser."

"Anything that's cute but also a little bit just odd or fun or kind of crazy, I like," she tells InStyle when we caught up with her Kate Spade's Fall 2023 presentation at New York Fashion Week. It's part of the reason why she's become a fan of the brand's "bold and happy" designs — and why, she adds, that attending the event in a matching set felt somewhat new to her.

Haley Lu Richardson - Kate Spade Fall 2023

BFA/ Yvonne Tnt

"You know those people that you see that you're like, 'Oh my God, she's so put together! How does she do it?' I put this matching set on and I was like, 'Oh, this is how you do it. You match,'" she says with a laugh, pointing out her yellow skirt suit, which was styled with pops of leopard. "I don't really know how to match, so this might be one of the first times I've ever matched in my life."

Richardson feels like the perfect Kate Spade customer. On top of her joyful, friendly personality, she also doesn't shy away from playful details such as sparkles, which is something the brand nails with each new drop.

Kate Spade Fall 2023

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"I grew up dancing and doing dance competitions, so I've seen my fair share of sequins, rhinestones, [and] glitter. I'm very well-versed in that whole world," Richardson tells us, noting she wouldn't mind wearing some of the brand's shiny fall 2023 designs. "I'm not afraid of some glitter or some fringe. I'm not afraid of much, actually — except the dark."

Of course, that revelation sent us off on a tangent. Why the dark? The 5'2 star theorizes it might be because she's so short ("If there was a monster, I would definitely die," she jokes), although she does entertain our idea that ghosts might be hiding somewhere in the night, despite having never spotted one herself.

Haley Lu Richardson - Kate Spade Fall 2023

BFA/Madison Voelkel

"My ex, actually, had this insane experience in New Orleans where he fully saw a headless woman," she says. "He was very adamant that it was a real thing, so when he told me that story, I just felt goosebumps to my core. So, vicariously through him, I feel like I had a ghost experience. I don't really want one on my own — unless it's a friendly ghost. I feel like I had a lot of imaginary friends growing up, so maybe they were ghosts."

Going back to fashion, we point out that Kate Spade recently launched its own specific shade of green with Pantone called Kate Spade Green, which Richardson definitely approves of.

Kate Spade Green

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"Green is both my parents' favorite colors, and if I was a boy, my parents were going to name me Green," she tells us, explaining her affinity for the color. "My name's not Green because I'm a girl, but honestly, Green would be such a cool name — Green Richardson."

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