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Credit: Matteo Valle/IMAXTREE.COM

If there's any day you want freshly-washed hair, it's your wedding day, right? Wrong—if you're planning on wearing an updo, that is. Our beauty team agrees—second-day hair reigns supreme, since if your hair is too squeaky clean, it simply won't hold the style. But there's a way reap the benefits without worrying about oily roots: Texturizing spray.

There's lots of sprays that can give your strands some grit, but Sachjuan Dry Powder Shampoo ($20; sephora.com) manages to add major volume, too. And—miraculously—it does it all without making even the finest of fine hair look or feel heavy.

We apply this magic spritzer by sectioning out the hair near our roots and spraying from six to ten inches away. (Just a hit or two will do the job—a little goes a long way with this stuff.) Allow the product to dry, then run a brush—or even just your fingers—through strands, and proceeed with your look as normal. But don't be surprised if your updo suddenly looks more, well, up—that's just how much structure this stuff can add to your style.