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Ashley Graham
Credit: andrewfitzsimons/Instagram

Messy hair is one of life’s greatest ironies. Undone hairstyles, meant to appear like you’ve rolled out of bed without putting a brush through it, often require the most effort. This is all too hilarious because they’re often described as effortless. So what’s the secret to getting the textured, tousled look you see on celebrities like Ashley Graham? On top of product and a curling wand, it might be a technique celebrity stylist Andrew Fitzsimmons has nicknamed “schmusing.”

He’s actually the genius behind most of Kourtney K. and Ashley Graham’s wavy ‘dos, and he broke down ALL his best tricks with InStyle.

The first thing he does is prep hair with a product like Alterna Haircare Caviar Thick & Full Volume Mousse ($30; sephora.com) to build up volume. "If you have naturally straight-to-wavy hair, rough dry with a diffuser to amplify your natural waves. Otherwise, blow dry your hair," he says. Then, he uses a flatiron to create shapes, bend, and texture in isolated areas (though an easier option would be to use a curling wand) and sprays in a texturizing finishing spray.

Finally, the schmushing.

"Schmushing is essentially when you bunch your hair up in your hands at the end of styling to break up the waves you’ve created so they aren’t too perfect and give you that 'perfectly undone' look. I love schmushing. It creates instant volume and texture," says Fitzsimons.

And it changes the entire game. As you can see from the video above, he rubs the hair in-between his hands in a rapid motion, which gives it the piece-y texture and tousled, fly-away look. For me, he did with Alterna Haircare Caviar Style Concrete ($18; amazon.com) warmed up in his hands to add even more definition to the waves.

VIDEO: Three Ways to Get Effortless Waves

The last step? A little hairspray and you're free to selfie.