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Want to get wavy hair as gorgeous those celebrity hairstyles with waves that are dominating the red-carpet? Our tips make it easy to get wavy hair overnight or right now—with or without heat. If natural beach waves are your thing, check out the latest products to create them. Learn how to curl hair with a flat iron or curling iron using the same techniques as the world's top celeb hairstylists.

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5 Products That’ll Stop Your Waves from Falling Flat

Save for chipped nail polish an hour after a mani, I don't think there is anything more frustrating than spending 20+ minutes curling my hair, only to have my perfect waves fall out minutes after I leave the house. It's a total waste of time. My fine, naturally straight hair just doesn't hold waves and curls well, and humidity or wind doesn't help the situation.  In my experience, the best way to prevent this is by using a strong-hold hairstyling product that locks your look in place. Thanks to beauty product innovation, you're not limited to the hairspray your mom swore by in the '80s, which subsequently made hair feel and look like plaster.  These products will keep your waves and curls in place, but you'll still be able to run your fingers through your hair. From pre-blowout creams to setting sprays, here are five products that will help your hairstyle stay in place all day long. Keep scrolling to find out why each is worth the cash. VIDEO: Beauty School: Messy Pony