If you've ever got left over party balloons.
Credit: Getty Images

In the past few weeks, it seems like makeup and hair tutorials are about using the weirdest products you can find at home — tape, rulers, socks, stilettos... But sometimes, if it works, it really works. Beauty vlogger Tina Lee shared a video on her Youtube channel of a recent hair curling hack she's created, and it involves balloons.

In this video, Tina claims that by sleeping with these half inflated balloons in her hair, you'll wake up with envious curls. We were a little bit skeptical at first because, well, balloons!? But, we changed our tune when we saw that the result made Tina's hair look like Disney princess level magic. The trick to not popping these (and startling yourself in the middle of the night) is to make sure you don't over inflate them.