This Best-Selling Hair Growth Serum Now Comes as a Dry Shampoo

It helps hair grow so much, hairstylists say they’re “honestly shocked.”

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Shoppers Say This Dry Shampoo Helps Their Hair Grow
Photo: Joshua Rawson-Harris/Unsplash

It's not often that laziness pays off big time. Off the top of my head, I can only think of when you stay on the couch for so long that your pets come to snuggle, or when you keep something in your online shopping cart long enough that it goes on sale, truly beating the system. But thanks to Vegamour's hair growth-speeding dry shampoo, we can add another instance to the list.

Yup: Where a few years ago there was a hubbub over whether or not dry shampoo contributes to hair loss, Vegamour's version flips the script and uses a follicle-reviving formula, per the brand, to double its dry shampoo as a hair growth treatment. According to Vegamour, it's the only "plant-based dry shampoo with follicle-stimulating technology" in existence, and uses the same phyto-actives as the brand's hero serum to increase hair density and inhibit the production of DHT, which can damage hair follicles.

It's a gift from the company responsible for a bevvy of hair loss-prevention products and whose hair and lash growth serums and foam also garner thousands of happy reviews. The serum shot to fame in response to the pandemic, when people turned to it to remedy coronavirus stress-induced hair loss. Vegamour told InStyle that it saw serum sales increase by 500 percent from March to September 2020, in one month alone selling over 52,000 bottles — more than one per minute.

GRO Dry Shampoo

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A dedicated hair growth product is all well and good, but packing the good stuff into something you'd use at your roots anyways is innovative (and explains the cost). The dry shampoo relies on the serum's hair-boosting power from mung bean and DHT-inhibiting red clover, combined with rice starch and kaolin clay to absorb oil and dirt. To dispense with four-day-old hair's less-than-pleasant whiffs, bergamot fruit oil lends a bright, phthalate-free scent.

Since launching in late October, the dry shampoo has earned a 4.8 out of five rating on its website. Shoppers write that it's the best dry shampoo they've ever used, one spray enough to buy you two more days without a shower (or if you listen to some reviewers, five without a shampoo. No judgement). It checks all the typical boxes of zhuzhing up third day hair enough that people say it makes their hair look "freshly blown out," blends in to all hair colors easily, and doesn't weight down fine strands.

On the growth front, one reviewer writes that after just three weeks, their small bald spots have started sprouting baby hairs. "I'm honestly shocked," wrote the shopper, a professional hairstylist. "I don't use any of the other products, so I wasn't expecting that especially in such a short amount of time!" Others agree that while they've only been using the dry shampoo for a few weeks, they already see more fullness — and those who've faced handfuls of hair coming out say that the dry shampoo helps them shed much less. "I was so skeptical of these products at first but my hair is finally growing again and looks so full and lustrous," a different shopper added. Hats off to that.

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