If only we could have majored in this.
Add Volume
Credit: Greg Delves

Over the years voluminous hair has come in many forms, from the iconic bob of the 1950s to the rock 'n roll feel of the '80s and beyond. If you've ever thought volume just means big hair, you're drastically underestimating its star power in any style.

TRESemme puts volume center stage in their aptly named short film TRESemme's History of Volume. Since the brand not only has a history of putting volume into manes around the globe and including digital influencers in their ad campaigns, it was only fitting that beauty and fashion darling Natalia Cabezas would star in the clip, rotating through decades of gorgeous strands.

Styled by celeb hair guru Chris Naselli, Cabezas basically gets to live out our dream of trying out every single iconic hair look from six different decades and it's nearly impossible to pick a fave.

Even though we don't actually have Naselli by our side to work his magic on our own strands, TRESemme does offer up three how-to videos on achieving the looks he created in the film, so voluminous hair can be ours, too.