Your Post-Shower Beauty Look Is Now Fashion

Pucci Towels
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Drying your hair is now one of the chicest things you can do, according to the runway reports at Milan Fashion Week. Forget flower crowns, headbands, and Flash tattoos. As it turns out, Spring 2018 is all about the beach towel. Seen at Pucci and Versace, models walked down the runway with their hair wrapped up in towels, mimicking the look you wear on Friday night as you sit on your bed in a rope and scroll through the rabbit hole that is your future Tinder date's Instagram feed for hours on end.

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At Pucci, a few models wore solid colored outfit-coordinating towels on their heads, while others debuted towels made with the designer’s signature ‘60s print and accessorized with chandelier earrings. The models that didn’t have a towel to their look wore their hair in various ways, including a wet-looking, slicked back look we only wish we could create on a pool deck.

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The same beauty look showed up once again at Versace.

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One outfit in particular featured a butterfly-print robe (one of which Mariah would LOVE) with a matching pair of sunglasses, tote, and towel. Versace has incorporated the beach accessory in runway shows before. Back in 2014 during Menswear Fashion Week, a male model wore the towel casually draped over his shoulder like he was walking to the most stylish beach in existence. Think that’s somewhere around Capri, yes?

Aren’t you glad you took advantage of that linen sale at Bed Bath & Beyond? Look at you! Ahead of the trends.

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