Tinashe - John Frieda - LEAD
Credit: Courtesy John Frieda

We all have a hair story. Whether it’s about that cut that finally made you feel like yourself or the glorious day when you learned to embrace and love your natural texture, hair is powerful topic that let’s us express a million different emotions and feelings. And it’s with that logic that John Frieda launched its new “Hair Talks” campaign with singer-songwriter Tinashe.

Tinashe - John Frieda - EMBED 1
Credit: Courtesy John Frieda

The campaign is all about building a community of inspiring, powerful women who all have something to share with the world—and, of course, that will include personal anecdotes about their hair. The project kicks off with Tinashe’s story, which you can check out exclusively below.

After a guy told her she looked better with straight hair, the singer struggled with insecurities over her curly hair for years. Thankfully, she’s learned to love her curls since then and uses her texture to play up all the different vibes of her artistry and personality. “My hair is natural curly, so if gives me a good jumping off point to switch it up sometimes,” she says in the video.

Whether she's wearing it naturally curly or going for big voluminous beach curls, she says her hair is telling a story, expressing whatever mood she's in, and reflecting her individuality and uniqueness.

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Be on the lookout for even more Hair Talks from John Frieda soon.