The Easiest Way to Temporarily Dye Your Hair at Home, According to TikTok

It's SO much more simple than what we thought.

Purple Hair Shampoo Tik Tok

Being home all day can drive a person to try out some crazy things they wouldn't normally do. For instance, I stress-ordered Crocs and am now a better person because of it. Some people are chopping up their clothes and bleaching them. And others are using purple shampoo as hair dye and getting shockingly beautiful (and temporary) results.

The trend started on TikTok when one brave soul chose to put purple shampoo in their completely dry hair to see what would happen. (As a refresher, purple shampoo is mostly used by blondes to remove the brassy color from their strands). It turns out that using this dry method can heighten the typical result of rinsing with purple shampoo or, if left in for long enough, can temporarily dye hair a violet color. Tons of TikTok users are testing out this trend and showing that, as strange as it might seem, this trick really works — and it looks super fun.

Users @urblondebby and @julieebuss have posted their personal results to the social media app. Based on the posts, you can expect different results based on how long you leave the product on your hair. The majority of TikTok testers are leaving the shampoo in for an hour and getting light violet results, as seen in Jace and Julz's posts. "It made it a lot blonder, frostier," @trpayne said in her post, "some pieces are actually purple."

Other testers like @mackensiermintz have left the shampoo in their hair all night long, which yield some bright and vibrant violet locks in the morning. If you have darker hair, don't expect this method to yield the same results — it seems the lighter the hair, the more eye-popping the results. The best thing about this TikTok discovery is that it's temporary and doesn't cost a ton of money, especially for blondes who are shopping for purple shampoo regardless. Not to mention, if it doesn't turn your hair purple, it'll simply remove some brassy color and help with upkeep while you're home. To get in on the fun, you can shop best-selling purple shampoos below:

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