8 Hairstyles Built For Battling Humidity

Yes girl, you can look just as hot as the weather.

Hairstyles Built For Battling Humidity
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There's nothing quite like a warm summer day, especially if you live in an area that experiences harsh winters. Your skin feels warm, your face is glowing — you get to live your best life.

However, summer hair is a separate issue. Hot climates often lead to humid air, and nothing can kill the vibe of your hairstyle quite like humidity can.

If you spent time straightening your hair with a flat iron, the results go poof. If you wear your natural curls and love how they fell in the morning, they can become super-sized by noon. If you have a cute half-up half-down style, frizz can become a distractor. The folks who get it, get it.

There is hope, though. We tapped two celebrity hairstylists to ask them to share the best humidity-proof hairstyles so we can all live our best lives — regardless of what the humidity level of the day is. Below, see their suggestions for hairstyles that won't be the death of you — whether you have short, medium-length, or long hair.

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Slicked-Back Ponytails

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Never underestimate the power of hair gel and hair tie duo. "It's a quick and easy look to achieve in these hot, humid summer days," elaborates New York-based hairstylist Rene Villalta.

He explains that gel gives the hair just enough hold and the right amount of control and shine for that glossy ponytail look, adding that he recommends Ceremonia's Pequi Styling Gel. For the best results, he says to apply it to dry hair.

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The Wet Look

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Hey, if you already feel like you're dripping in sweat, why not lean into the feeling and embrace the trendy wet look?

To achieve the look, Mischa G, a celebrity hairstylist and Eva NYC ambassador, says to part wet hair and douse it with a priming spray, like the Mane Magic 10-In-1 Hair Primer, and then finish with a hair oil. (She recommends the Just Glisten Hair + Body Shine Mist. ) "The hair oil will lock in the moisture of the primer," she explains. Then, she says to use a wide-tooth comb to define the waves and add separation.

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Tousled Updo

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Embrace the fluff — but keep it off your sweaty neck. Misha says a tousled updo is a classic style that's perfect for humid conditions.

For the best results, she says to set the hair with curl cream, like the Gotta Bounce Curl Defining Cream, and light thickening spray such as the Lazy Jane Salt-Free Wave Spray. Then, pull your hair up into simple twist in the back and secure with a few hair pins. To give it that effortless vibe, pull out a few pieces around your face.

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Protective Style

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Matrix Artistic Director, Nick Stenson, says that protective styles are always trending when summer heat and humidity are at their peak.

"For curly to coily hair types, Matrix A Curl Can Dream Light-Hold Gel is perfect for enhancing and refining the hair without the unnecessary heaviness that creams can sometimes give in hot environments," he adds.

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Long Pixie

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"A long pixie is such a versatile, airy style that is so cool for summer," says celebrity hairstylist Sally Hershberger. "You can rough it up during the day for some edge or brush it back at night for some glam."

To get that super-tousled look, she recommends using her brand's 24K Superiority Complex Texturizing Paste through your hair, working the product into it with your fingers for piecey texture.

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Spiky Buns

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The spiky bun is predicted to be everywhere this fall — but it's an incredible go-to for summer, too. "It works because the hair is controlled, off the face and neck, but still giving a major look," says Mischa.

To recreate this Y2K look, she says to pull the hair back into a high, tight bun and sleek it back with gel. Then, she says to leave out the spiky bits and "make them dynamic with a medium hold hairspray Shapeshifter Flexible Hairspray."

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Fluffy Curls

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For people with type 2 and 3 curls, Villalta suggests leaning into your hair's natural shape — it's all about using the proper products.

To achieve this look, he recommends using a product that has a creamy texture, like Ceremonia's Pequi Curl Activator. "It gives a generous amount of moisture to help control flyaways while also combating frizz," he explains.

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Modern Mullet

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This edgy, trendy look is a keeper in humid climates. "Since the volume in the style tapers off towards the neck, it keeps you cool and is less demanding in terms of styling," says Hershberger.

To achieve the look, she suggests telling the hairdresser for gradiated layers and longer, shaggier sides that define the style. When styling, she recommends using a texturizing paste, like her 24K Superiority Complex Texturizing Paste, to create volume and a sexy, lived-in look.

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