Fixing Your Bangs After a Hat Hair Disaster Is Shockingly Easy

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I’ve professed my love for bangs more than a few times for, and while I don’t take back anything I’ve said about them being the ultimate accessory and how they totally changed my style, today I’d like to talk about how they can also kinda suck. Not because they can get in your eyes and require a trim (and therefore cash out of my pocket) every three weeks, but because they make wearing a hat impossibly difficult. And with New York City’s arctic-like winters, going without one just to save a decent hair day could be considered unsafe.

With the heat rapidly escaping from my head, I’ve since given up, pushing back my bangs, popping on a beanie, and hoping for the best as I take it off the minute I’m in the building. There is no “best” FYI, and they end up just sticking straight up in the air. Eager to find a more stylish way to wear hats that actually showcase my favorite part about my hairstyle, I reached out to a pro stylist to get his tips for wearing hats with blunt bangs.

"The best way to attack this is to split them in the middle and push them to each side, or just wear them with a slight part,” says Kérastase Paris Celebrity Hairstylist, Matt Fugate. "This way makes it easier to fix them,” he says.

If you have side-swept bangs, Fugate suggests sweeping them even more to the side at an angle. "I like to think of them as if I were going to put the hair in a side ponytail. So, sweep the bangs back at an angle and then put on the hat,” he says.

Avoid pinning them back, as Fugate says that cause a crease, which is harder to fix than bangs set in the wrong direction. Here’s the thing, though.

You’ll likely have to fix them, and I can vouch for it. Unless you’re OK with switching up your style, like wearing your blunt bangs parted in the center, you’ll need some correction might be needed. So here are the hacks…

If your blunt bangs are misshapen, Matt says to put a little water on your fingertips and massage at the root. Once you’ve subtly wet them, he says you can rake them into the place you’d like.

Another option, if you don’t think you can get to a sink, Matt says is to carry a balm with you in your bag to reshape your bangs. He suggests the Kérastase Elixir Ultime Serum Solide ($34;, which will not only moisturize your hair but help give you grip to manipulate.

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