How to Rock Faux Fringe So it Looks Totally Real

Brarlettes - Gigi Hadid Lead
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Fake bangs can go bad faster than you can say “clip-in.” But when they go right—à la Gigi Hadid at the MTV Movie Awards—they make for the ultimate did-she-or-didn’t-she beauty moment. We went straight to the source—L.A. hairstylist Bryce Scarlett, the pro behind Hadid’s faux fringe—to get the scoop on how to pull off the look.

The first step is choosing a high-quality piece—either real or quality synthetic—from a hairstylist supply store. (Hadid’s piece was handcrafted by a wig-maker.) Scarlett cites The Hair Shop as a favorite—their store caters to pros, but allows walk-in customers, too. Look for a piece that’s not overtly shiny, as an unnatural sheen is a dead giveaway for faux strands, Scarlett says. A clip-in verison will sit most naturally against your head.

Once you’ve got your bangs in-hand, Scarlett suggests taking them to your hairstylist for a little shaping. “Most pieces look more natural after being trimmed and thinned out a little,” says Scarlett. Ask your stylist to do their thing while the bangs are affixed to your head—this way, he or she can blend them into your existing style.

Now that your set has been customized, it’s time to tackle placement. Scarlett stresses the importance of placing the seam back far enough to nest into your roots, where strands would naturally sprout. After pushing down the clips to secure the piece, style your bangs the same way you would the rest of your hair, so the vibe is consistent. The final step? Prepare your ego for the onslaught of compliments you're soon to receive.

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