5 Beautiful Hairstyles You Can Create With Spring Twists

Beyoncé's hairstylist weighs in.

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ALL NATURAL: Hairstyles You Can Create With Spring Twists
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With spring here and summer fast approaching, it's worth considering getting a set of twists. Your natural curls and coils can be hot on your neck at this time of year, but when you opt-in for twists, there is a world of potential styles you can tap into. Rather than simply having them drip down your back, you can braid twists and even create several different updos that make a statement.

Social media is at the tip of your hands to nab inspiration at a moment's notice for spring twists. However, who better than the celebrity hair professionals to offer up some new ideas? We caught up with a couple of hair artists — including Beyoncé's hairstylist — to share all the deets on how to get the best spring twist crochet hairstyles for the season.


Celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble, who often styles the hair of the likes of Beyoncé, says that updos are the go-to. Thankfully, depending on the size of your twists, you can go wild with this. "Updos are great for spring. Twist and put it up for an updo or do a flat twist cornrow and put it in a ponytail," she says. "Nika King had small twists on season 2 of Euphoria — they're great for Spring."

Hairstylist to KeKe Palmer and Tika Sumpter, Kee Taylor, adds that gathering the twists together into a high pony on top of the crown is great for spring to avoid having twists loose in the warm weather. High pony updos are easily achievable, but the thing about spring twists and crochet hairstyles is that you can create several versions of the look.

Half & Half

Keke Palmer
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Twists can be dressed up in more fun looks that'll take you back to the '90s while remaining on-trend. With the wonders of elastics, you can style your twists with half-up pigtails and leave some twists left wild and free. Plus, Taylor suggests a cute way to make your own bangs with twists. "For a fun take, you can pull two twists from the front to give it a 'bang' look and something to play with."

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Sectioned Twists

What started as a traditional hairstyle from Black men in hip hop has trickled into chic looks for women as well. You may attribute this style to the late Pop Smoke or Travis Scott, but sectioned twists are on the come up. Add the crochet hair of your choice to get fluffier twists or use your go-to three for $5 kanekalon (or Rebundle to stay sustainable) to section your hair into four to six parts evenly across your scalp.

Really, there are endless ways to make spring twists — and make them last. Whether you're making twists with your own tresses and a jar of styling cream or adding a few extra bundles to the docket, you can rest assured there are a lumpsum of easy spring twist hairstyles to pick and practice for yourself.

High Bun

If you're rocking Senegalese twists for the spring and summer, an easy option that can switch up your look is a high bun. "Simply take your high pony with your twists and start forming a bun around the base and securing it with another elastic," Taylor tells InStyle. "This will take the twists to another level while still being versatile with your styling."

Flat Twists

Flat twisting can be tiring on your arms if you're doing them yourself. However, the payoff is too good to ignore. You can go off and flat twist your entire head into a ponytail, a chic bun or make them full-blown twisted cornrows. However, if you're not ready to put all of your curls away for the summer, you can cheat this look with flat twists on the sides and loop the ends into a crown around your puff or curls.

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