Space Bun Hairstyles Are Trending — Here Are 14 Ways to Wear Them

Space Bun Hairstyles
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Whether you prefer a voluminous Boho-chic vibe or edgy and sleek is more your thing, space buns can take on multiple aesthetics. While we usually think of space buns as that go-to festival hairstyle, we're seeing celebrities and influencers adopt the hairstyle and make it their own for any occasion.

In fact, according to Pinterest 2022 trends report, the social platform predicts that space buns (also known as high-puff hairstyles) will be one of this year's most popular hair trends. And we aren't surprised as space buns are undeniably versatile.

From different hair lengths to hair textures, anyone can (and should) do a space bun hairstyle. Ahead, we gathered 15 space bun hairstyles that will prove why this hairstyle will reign supreme in 2022.

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Traditional Meets Half-Up Half-Down

Space buns on curly hair textures look amazing because of the natural volume. Try this half-up half-down hairstyle, which mimics the traditional two-bun look but also gives you a chance to show off your hair texture and length.

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Slicked Space Buns

On the days you want to get your hair up and out of your face or wake up with major bedhead, try slicked space buns. Part your hair down the middle, and then gather each side into a high sleek pigtail. Once you're done, wrap the ends of your pigtail into a bun for a look that's as bomb as Lizzo's.

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Space Buns and Swirly Edges

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Space buns match perfectly with styled edges. The swoops and swirls of perfectly laid baby hairs can instantly transform your look.

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Space Buns with Fringe

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Bangs are another 2022 hair trend that you'll see everywhere this year. Whether you have blunt-cut bangs, bottleneck bangs, or curtain bangs, pair it with two space buns for an ultra-trendy look.

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Accessorized Space Buns

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Take inspiration from Janelle Monae and accessorize your space buns with some fun hair clips (ahem, butterfly clips are back) or a dainty headband.

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Scrunchy Space Buns

Another easy way to dress up your space buns is with giant scrunchies. Scrunchies are a '90s trend that unsurprisingly made their way back into the limelight. So if you're into it, wrap each of your space buns in a satin scrunchy to accessorize your look.

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Fanned-Out Space Buns

Doing space buns on short hair can be tricky because the ends tend to stick out. However, Emma Willis, celebrity hairstylist, shows us an easy way to make those frayed ends work. The trick is to wrap the loose ends of your hair around your scrunchy and leave the rest poking out. The results are an adorable, Boho-chic space bun look.

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Classic Space Buns

Tracee Ellis Ross shows us that traditional space buns can never disappoint. It's a reliable hairstyle that's cute and casual.

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Vertical Space Buns

An innovative look we haven't seen yet, but are totally into, is this voluminous hairstyle that stacks two buns on the back of the head for a unique half-up, half-down look.

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Face-Framing Space Buns

Celebrity hairstylist, Chris Appleton, created an elegant, face-framing space bun hairstyle on JLo.

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Mini Buns

Kourtney Kardashian was spotted laying poolside with two mini space buns last summer, and now this is the only hairstyle we'll be doing for beach days in summer 2022.

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Two-Toned Space Buns

Cardi B fully embraced that E-girl aesthetic from head to toe back in January 2020. However, her hot pink and black space bun hairstyle was arguably the star of the show.

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Braided Space Buns

Wrapping your braids into a space bun hairstyle is an easy way to add volume and texture to the look.

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Buzz Cut Space Buns

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Throwback to the 2013 VMAs when Miley Cyrus showed up wearing two mini space buns and the sides of her head shaved. She proved space buns are possible for short hair lengths, too.

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