The Shullet Is the 2022 Way to Wear a Mullet

Step aside, wolf cuts.

Mullets Can Step Aside, It's Time For the Shullet to Shine
Photo: Instagram @leighannepinnock

How people style their hair can be deeply personal, so when someone opts for a bold look, they often mean business. And while a style can be washed and taken out, an edgy cut is next level.

In recent months, mullets have come back full swing, wolf cuts have taken over TikTok, and all different types of bangs have popped up left and right. Now there's a new cut in town – and it's trending just in time for summer.

According to celebrity hairstylist Cynthia Alvarez, the shullet is about to be it. "This look consists of a fringe with shorter sides and connecting length to make the cut a bit more wearable and a bit less daring," she describes. "[It's a] chic and low-maintenance look can be achieved on wavy and curly textures for a wash-and-go vibe."

It's giving rocker, it's giving badass, and it's simply a vibe. And, the shullet works well on people with all hair types, especially if there's a natural wave or curl going on as they'll enhance your texture and add movement. However, if you have straight hair, you can still get in on the fun as the subtle and natural layering adds a ton of texture.

If your hair tends to be on the dryer side, Alvarez says to apply a moisturizing leave-in, such as the Biolage Ultra Hydra Source Leave-In Cream, onto the ends of damp hair to help seal in moisture and prevent frizz. After that, go ahead and add a volumizing mousse to give hair a little more oomph.

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"The versatility of this cut is the main reason it's become so popular," says Alvarez. "It's edgy and can be personalized to express your creativity."

It goes without saying that it also gives major attitude, which tbh, is a big summer mood.

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