Yes, another reason to love science!
Wash Your Hair Less Often
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Whether it's because you paid an arm and a leg for that bottle of shampoo or that its contents are the last you have in your bathroom and you need to shower now, extracting the 'poo from the bottom of its container can be absolutely maddening. Unlike smacking the Heinz 57 mark on the side of a bottle of ketchup to get the condiment moving, there's no tried and true way of getting all of the shampoo out of a plastic bottle...until now.

Ohio State University researchers have developed a lining for plastic bottles that will allow soap and shampoo to slide right off of it, no propping the bottle upside down for hours on end or watering it down with h2o required. Not only is this a major coup for us beauty aficionados and penny pinchers alike (but, seriously, we did pay for all of thee shampoo in that bottle), it's also the first time that anyone has been able to create such a coating for plastic.

Before you get too excited, note that there is a catch. Currently the main ingredient in this lining, a component called fluorosilane, apparently isn't environmentally sustainable, meaning it's not so great for the planet and another ingredient will probably have to be discovered to put the idea to use.

“There are a lot of problems with fluorinated materials in the environment,” says M.I.T. professor of mechanical engineering Gareth McKinley in an interview with the New York Times. “Many people are trying to move away from them.”

Still, we're keeping our fingers crossed on this one because a dollop of shampoo saved can equal big bucks depending on which hai-rcare brand has your loyalty..