8 Shaggy Pixie Cuts That'll Convince You to Chop Off Your Hair

Grab some inspo from these celebrities who have worn the shaggy pixie best.

Kate Hudson cropped blonde pixie cut hairstyle
Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Every time I get a trim, I shudder at the thought of losing more than two inches. Whether I like it or not, long hair is my security blanket. Despite that, I still feel total envy for anyone with a pixie. There's no denying the power of a short haircut — it brings attention to your facial features better than any variation of the lob or bob. It's a statement in and of itself. Kate Hudson, an adopter of the look, has said that chopping off all her hair was freeing. The bonus is that the pixie is one of the most versatile, flattering, and classic haircuts of all time. "What I like best about this haircut is how it frames the face and enhances the cheekbones," says celebrity hairstylist Arsen Gurgov, founder of the Arsen Gurgov Salon in New York City.

While it works for most (if not all) face shapes, Gurgov says it's a particularly great fit for anyone with thin or fine hair. And aside from regular salon visits every few weeks to keep the shape of the haircut, it's pretty low-maintenance. "A shaggy pixie is a wash-and-go style," notes Gurgov. "For everyday styling, you can add some texture with a styling cream or pomade, but avoid using too much. It will weigh the hair down and make it look greasy. Less really is more in this case."

Keep scrolling to see eight celebrities who have worn the shaggy pixie best.

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Jennifer Lawrence choppy side sweep bangs pixie hairstyle
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

J.Law's choppy style features more length on the top and in the front, mimicking the appearance of side-swept bangs. She proves that growing out a pixie doesn't have to look awkward, in fact, it can be super stylish.

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Stylized Bangs

Janelle Monáe choppy black pixie styled underneath a hat
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Uneven strands around the forehead—some longer, some shorter and choppier—give Janelle Monáe's haircut an edgier vibe. The lash-grazing length of her bangs also serves to bring out her eyes.

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Zig-Zag Parted

Katie Holmes grown out pixie cut hairstyle with zigzag hair part
Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Haven't you heard? Zig-zag parting has made a comeback — just look at Katie Holmes as proof. She complements this edgy Y2K parting with a soft, shaggy pixie. The results are refreshingly modern.

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Retro Waves

Greta Gerwig short blonde wavy bixie haircut

If the idea of chopping all your hair off is still too jarring, try a haircut that falls between a bob and pixie, like Greta Gerwig. You can wear it wavy with a center part and forward-facing, or push it to the back to get an idea of what a true choppy pixie would look like.

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Volumized With Long Layers

Kris Jenner shaggy black pixie hairstyle
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

This is Kris Jenner's signature haircut, and she stuck with it for years. The momager's shaggy pixie cut always consists of volume on top and longer layers framing her face.

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Tousled Texture

Kaley Cuoco dirty blonde tousled pixie haircut
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Kaley Cuoco's haircut features a significant amount of length on top. The tousled, wind-blown texture brings out the variations of length within the cut and even makes the hair look thicker.

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Super Sleek

Viola Davis long sleek bangs pixie hairstyle
George Pimentel/Getty Images

While Kris Jenner prefers a tousled, spiky texture, Viola Davis is known for wearing her cut sleek, emphasizing the length on top. As for that glossy finish? A shine-inducing product, like Davine's OI Oil ($48), is key.

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Piecey Texture

Kate Hudson cropped blonde pixie cut hairstyle
Steve Granitz/Getty Images

Take the full plunge like Hudson and ask for less length on top, but still enough for texturizing paste to add movement to your hair. This cut might be shorter than your average shaggy pixie, but sometimes less is more.

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