Selena Gomez Is the Queen of the Hair Flip—See for Yourself

If hair flipping was an Olympic sport, Selena Gomez would be the reigning champion with multiple gold medals under her belt. And when you watch this video montage of our cover star demonstrating the art, you’ll know we’re not exaggerating.

On the set of InStyle's September issue shoot, the singer flaunted her impressive skills, flipping her voluminous and layered lob, styled by celebrity hairstylist Danilo, from side to side in order to get the perfect shot. To no one's surprise, she succeeded, no matter if it was bouncy and blown out or wet and wavy. Seriously, no wonder she scored that coveted role as a Pantone brand ambassador. If we tried that, we'd get whiplash.

It's another reason to believe that Gomez has never known a bad hair day. Now please excuse us while we go practice in front of the mirror.

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