This $6 Hack Just Ended My Biggest Curly Hair Struggle

How did nobody think of this earlier?

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This $6 Hack Just Ended My Biggest Curly Hair Struggle
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If there's one downside to embracing my naturally curly hair, it's my fear of ponytails. I could have the best wash day of my life, but the second I pull my ends through a hair-tie or scrunchie, I know I can kiss any defined, frizz-free ringlets goodbye. As a fairly active person who prefers updos while working out, I've come to recognize the Ponytail Effect as curly hair enemy number one.

After a recent fit of rage around my post-workout curls, I Googled "scrunchies that don't need to be wrapped around" in hopes of a solution — and a few minutes later, I found one. The Scünci Adjustable Scrunchie features an elastic drawstring that can expand or contract, which completely eliminates the dreaded wraparound process. The garter-shaped accessory is just $6 at Ulta, but the impact it's had on my hair is priceless.

The scrunchie starts out exceptionally wide, so it's easy to slide around my hair with minimal friction. Once it reaches peak ponytail placement, I press the drawstring's toggle with one hand and pull the elastic as far as I can with the other. The mauve-colored material cinches securely around my strands, leaving most curls practically untouched. I'm left with a short tail of elastic dangling from the toggle, but once I tuck it under the fabric, I completely forget it's there.

Scünci Adjustable Scrunchie

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When I first put on the adjustable scrunchie, it felt alarmingly lightweight compared to the headache-inducing varieties I'm used to. Yet to my surprise, it took me through an hour-long run in New York humidity without slipping (its waterproof fabric was undeterred by my sweat). When I loosened the drawstring and slipped it off, my curl pattern remained largely uninterrupted.

My curl type hovers between a 2C and 3A, but I could see this gadget working just as well on tighter textures. With its noteworthy size and tug-free hold, it has all the makings of the perfect Afro puff hair-tie.

I have yet to find another scrunchie quite like this one, so be sure to order yours before everyone on the internet with curly hair catches on. You'll never have to choose between a ponytail and a great hair day again.

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