This $8 Scalp Massager Is Way More Than Just a Self-Care Tool

It feels good as hell, but reviews say it cures dandruff and thickens hair — fast.

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Amazon Shoppers Say Their 'Dandruff Is Virtually Gone' After Using This $8 Hair Tool
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If you've ever struggled with a sensitive scalp and stubborn dandruff, you know how hard it is to find products that actually get rid of those annoying flakes. If your current products aren't cutting it, this top-rated tool might be just what you need to finally make those bad hair days a thing of the past. The Flathead Products Scalp Massager Brush not only gets rid of itchiness and flakiness, but it can help trigger hair growth, too — not to mention, it'll feel like you're getting a relaxing, salon-quality scalp massage at home.

The scalp massager comes with two swappable heads, one with shorter bristles and one with longer bristles — both are equally effective, so whichever one you choose to use is a matter of personal preference. Each head has bristles that are "soft enough to have some flexibility, but still firm enough to do some exfoliating/scrubbing," according to one five-star reviewer who noted that they were "expecting a somewhat rough sensation" when they first used it, but wound up "pleasantly surprised." Replacing each head is as easy as twisting off the current one, aligning the new head with the brush's locking tabs, pressing it in, and twisting again to lock it in place.

Hair Scalp Massager and Shower Dandruff Brush

Shop now: $8 (Originally $13);

As you gently brush your scalp, the bristles dig deep to clean the areas of your scalp that tend to be hard to reach, ridding it of dead skin and excess buildup. This is especially beneficial if you tend to have trouble getting to your roots. And you can use this tool both in the shower with wet hair (with or without shampoo) and even on dry hair for the same results. "I've tested on wet and dry hair and [it] works amazing!" one shopper wrote. "When using this in the shower, I know my scalp is going to be clean when I'm done."

If you've been using dandruff shampoo but still see a significant amount of flakiness, think of this as the tool that will finally get the job done. "I started using this in addition to my dandruff shampoo, and my dandruff is virtually gone. My head isn't itchy and I don't see any flakes," another reviewer shared. "10/10, would recommend for anyone with dandruff."

When you use this brush to clean your scalp — or just to enjoy a relaxing scalp massage — you're also spurring hair growth for beautiful luscious locks. Rubbing the bristles against your scalp stimulates blood flow to the area, subsequently increasing the chances of stronger hair growth.

The Flathead Products Scalp Massager Brush is available for $8 on Amazon, or you can opt for two-pack for $11. Even if you're lucky enough not to have a sensitive scalp, you can still reap the many benefits of this self-care tool.

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