Sarah Jessica Parker
Credit: James Devaney/GC Images

If there's anywhere an oversized bun is the most appropriate, the ballet would be it.

Last night in New York City, Sarah Jessica Parker attended the Ballet's Fall Fashion Gala clad in a navy, fringe-adorned ensemble, which she topped off with a voluminous knot situated at the back of her head. We love how it gave her graphic outfit a polished vibe, and provided a nice contrast against her silver smoky eye. The two elements played well together, each balancing the other out so that the look didn't veer too classic, or too edgy.

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If you have long hair, you'll want to pick up a teasing comb to impart maximum volume a la Parker. Otherwise, a few clip-in hair extensions can create a larger shape. Start with sleek, blown-out hair, and gather it into a mid-height ponytail—word to the wise for those working with extensions, you'll want to insert them before this step.

Once you've anchored your lengths into place, comb back the hair tight around your face to get rid of flyaways, add a layer of hairspray for shine and hold, then begin teasing your ponytail. Leave roughly half of your hair out, and use a comb to brush areas within the remaining half backwards toward your roots. Seal the volume in with a blast of hairspray, form the teased portion in to a bun-like shape, and use bobby pins to affix it to the base of your ponytail. Take the portion of un-teased hair and wind it over the top to conceal it, pin everything down, then finish with a final veil of hairspray for insurance.