Here's How to Get the Strongest Hair of Your Life

If your hair is feeling weak and brittle, you'll want to read this.

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If there's one thing we each have in common at this point, it's the fact that over the last few months, all of us have had to maintain our hair on our own.

For some, this may not have been a huge deal. But for those who typically made frequent salon visits, your hair could now be in dire need of some serious TLC.

With quarantine restrictions lifting across the country, more and more salons are re-opening. And while the experience is going to be drastically different than before, if your hair has been feeling weak and brittle after too many DIY sessions and it's safe to resume in-person treatments in your state, you may want to head into The Salon by InStyle inside JCPenney for Redken's exclusive Lengthen & Strengthen Service.

"The Redken Lengthen and Strengthen is a conditioning treatment that works from the outside of the cuticle to repair the hair strand," Brendnetta Ashley, national artistic educator⁣⁣ at The Salon by InStyle inside JCPenney, explains. "It adds protein to strengthen the hair as well as biotin, castor oil, and soy protein to prevent breakage and adding shine."

In fact, Redken experts say it will decrease breakage by a whopping 81%, as the treatment's formulation helps to seal split ends. So if quarantine has made you want to embrace longer locks, there's never been a better time to get going on your new hair journey.

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"You begin with shampooing the hair with Redken Extreme Length Shampoo," Ashley explains. "Your next step is the first phase of the Extreme Length conditioning treatment. We rinse, and then go into the second part. The last step is the most important, which is the Extreme Length Split End Sealer. This step is what seals the ends of the hair and helps prevent breakage. The overall treatment takes about 30 minutes in the salon, and this is a service that can be done on all types of hair."

To maximize results, the stylist recommends using Redken's Extreme Length Shampoo and Conditioner at home, as well as heading back to the salon every four to six weeks for a repeat treatment. Read more about returning to hair salons safely, here.

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To shop: $23;


To shop: $23;

The Lengthen & Strengthen Service is available exclusively at The Salon by InStyle inside JCPenney and JCPenney salons through March 2021.

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